Love Poems - Here's How to Write One That Make Your Lover Melt

Love Poems - Here's How to Write One That Make Your Lover Melt

By Anmol Gupta

Want to write a love poem that makes your lover melts? Here are some tips that can help you immensely so that you can easily impress your lover.

Some Tips You Should Follow-

1. Write From Heart- Love is a series of emotions and emotions are products of heart not mind. Love is beyond the rational mind hence, while trying to write a love poem, do not think from your mind rather write it from your heart totally. Let the flow of your emotions be the flow of your pen. Be "spontaneous" and be mindless.

2. Pen Down Some Little Secrets That Only You And Your Lover Know- This is something that really make him/her melts because love poem is something very personal and writing some personal thing directly touches his/her heart. Also it helps your partner to know that it's your own personal creation not copied from somewhere else.

3. Write in your own language- Never worry about the literature and language of your poem. You can use words from any languages provided your partner understands it. You can be multilingual also even within a sentence.

4. What you should Write-

Start- Start from what you think is the most important thing for your partner? It can be why he/she is so special in your life or just some sentences praising her. It can be about your dreams of him/her, about the little which means a lot to both of you. It can be anything, just make sure that it's the priority of your relation. Because as they say "Well Begun Is Half Done."

Body- Do not let him/ her feel that body is less romantic then the start, so in the body use that formula of writing little secret. And make him/her feel happy again.

End- End should make be the most romantic part and should contain the importance of your partner in your life and it must be very emotional.

5. The Time You Should Give Him/Her Your Beautiful Poem- Not many will think it is necessary but it is. The time when you give him/her a love poem can show dramatic result in the reaction of your partner. The ideal time is an event where a love poem should be attached with your gift to make it more precious and unforgettable.

Consider your effort as a success if it touched your lover so much that it make him/her cry. And to add some more emotions you can read it to him/her yourself in a very soft and loving voice.So guys, hope that this article will help you to win the heart of your loved one.

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