“Intellect Today- Desire For Success or Fear Of Failure”

Well in today’s competetive world, where you have to take part in a race which never ends and also you are expected to come first each and everytime, it’s hard to imagine anyone who do not want to taste success.

But as you go deeper in the pshycology of men, you will find that what he thinks as his desire to be successful is actually the fear of failure. To understand it properly at first we need to know the proper definition of success. According to me, “ Success is the state of mind when you feel satisfied after doing a thing which you earlier think you can’t.” You must be thinking that this is not so. Yes it  is true that you want to succeed but when you inquire yourself you will find that the desire for success is just the outcome of your fear of failure. What you think should be success is actually the fear of failure only and nothing more than that.

Take the case of exams. In exams you try to grasp as much marks as possible and that’s what you call success probably. And you can say that if we only fear the failure then we will only try to get passing marks not more than that. But to understand it now you also need to define failure. Failure is probably what you get when you can’t defeat something or someone. Suppose a race in which you are alone. There is no question of win or lose, success or failure. So when you say that you are acquiring success, you are saying that you are overcoming failure. What I mean to say is when you work hard for getting higher percentage of marks it is not because you have the desire to success, it’s only because there is someone who is scoring more than you,and if you score below him then you consider yourself a failure.

So basically it’s the fear of the failure which drives the desire of your success. When you truly desire for success then success has a whole new meaning. Then it does not contain it’s opposite with it. Then it becomes a monopole where you can only win because what you are upto is a race in which you have to compete with yourself only. No failures, success then only means to walk through the unweary and green new paths which are free from any kind of fear.

I do not know if I am right or wrong but it’s just my point of view. It’s totally upto you to decide but you should think right from your heart, erasing all levels of your previous knowledge,then only you could come up to a conclusion that what you want is really success or it is just the fear of failure which is driving you crazy.

“My Vanished Friends”

Around the corner, I have a friend

In this great city, that has no end
Yet the days go by and the weeks rush on
And before I know, a year has gone.

And I never see my old friend’s face
In the days passed and coming days.
She knows I like her as well
As in the days, I rang her bell
And she rang mine.

We were younger then and
Now we’re tired humans
‘Tomorrow’ I said, “I will call her”
Just to show that I m missing her
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
And distances between us grows and grows.

This is what we deserve and what we get
Around the corner, a vanished friend
So, if you have a friend,
Be careful and be keen as otherwise
He will never be seen.
Reach them and tell, what they mean to you
Or your commitment will be too late for you…

Intellect Today- Desire For Success or Fear Of Failure

Study Without Desire

Human mind! It has been scratched hard to give mankind, the unbelievable wonders. It is reaped in a way to produce such marvelous results but what can be said for today’s intellect?
Hey that’s 95%! that’s 92%! Awesome! Great result guys!
When a child tops a class, everyone around him is happy. His teachers, his parents everyone! And think its great to have a child who brings glory to their name and the child becomes even happier being everyone’s apple of the eye.
But I need to ask just a single question from you- 95%!! Sounds great but what led you to it? Was it your ‘desire for success’ or simply ‘ fear of failure’ on whose footprints you followed to such heights?
There will be no exaggeration to say that what motivates or drives a student to produce some good results in academics is nothing but a fear of failure, a fear of being ignored if failed, a fear of losing dignity, a fear that pushes us to move forward and a fear that silently says, “Do it or else you’ll be gone, you will be a failure! Yes, a failure!” and the horrified student steps ahead.
I know, to a person getting good ranks in the academic world, it hurts a lot to hear their results being called just a fear but I can’t help speaking the truth. Also, I know how it feels when you see your name at the top, when you hear your name being cheered all around, your teachers patting on your back appreciating you, your colleagues congratulating you and the unforgettable moment happiness and excitement at the moment you have a big, big trophy in your hand with glowing eyes, the sense of pride of pride you feel in yourself, which makes you look high up, the immense power of speech you gain,the inbounding claps you hear from all the directions makes you feel as if you have done the impossible. Seems as if you have reached the top of the world and this feeling makes us even more forgetful about the ‘desire or fear’ query.
After this, have you ever held your trophy in your hands, stared hard at it and interrogated yourself, the same question of Desire Or Fear?
Never! I can undoubtedly say- Never! Never would have anyone of us done that and you know why? Because all of us believe- All’s well that ends well…. The momentary happiness overwhelms our power to think, to recall what we gained and how?
Anyone getting high ranks should not feel as if this has been written to make them feel down and anyone who has not been able to perform well should not feel as if they are being marginalized and paid no attention on. All this can be applied to anyone of you, in fact every one of you. Right from the beginning, we were taught to study for some reason. You may recall your parents saying, “ Come on my child! lets do it or else you will fail, your friends will be ahead of you and you know how it will feel when they will tease you, calling you their junior.” I don’t remember if my mom ever said, “ Beta(Son), study if you want to achieve something other than glory. Don’t just think of passing or failing a class. Education is itself a great word. Its much more than topping the class.” And if your parents did so, I would like to salute them. This is not about me, it is not also about you. Its about our notion regarding education, regarding intellect.

Some of you may ask why discuss this desire or fear when we are getting the________ output?
You know why I left this blank here? The answer to the above question lies in this blank. You will get it as soon as you fill it. The type of results we want, decides the way we choose to achieve them. Desired results comes from desire, it is as simplas that!
We all have forgotten, forgotten to desire and just do a thing only for the reason that it needs to be done.
Let us remind ourselves what to desire and how to desire, let us desire the position we want to achieve, let us desire the appreciation we want to have, and above all-
"Let us desire for success be greater than our fear of failure."

Beyond The Shadows..

"Beyond The Shadow Of Clouds"

Life is full of problems
And miseries
Pain and curse
Difficulties and loss
Everything you may pass by
Yet beyond the shadow of the clouds..
Lies the unending blue sky..

You may find yourself trapped
Many a times in a cage of hopelessness
Exhausted and frustrated
Inside the prison, you may lie
Yet beyond the shadow of the clouds
Lies the unending blue sky..

A crowd of people may surround you
But still alone, among them
You may be
When fun is low and loneliness is high..
Yet beyond the shadow of the clouds,
Lies the blue unending sky..

Still you may seek through
All the sufferings of yours..
And discover a new world
Within this one only..
For there are things to laugh about..
If there are things to cry..
Beyond the shadow of the clouds,
Lies the blue unending sky..

Grow Up Once Again

I want to feel the
Joyful burden of my school bag,
I want to bear once more,
My own school name tag.
Probably, it’s the last time,
When I’m in school dress of mine
After that,
I’ll not be seen in this narrow lane
Still I wish
“If I could grow up once again?”

Here I put my school shoes apart,
Forever from them,
I am going to depart
I m giving it, a very last look
My lovely files and my lovely notebook.
My chair, my classroom
My stupid game, still I wish-
“if I could grow up once again?”

Giving the school, my last glance
And it’s the only chance
That I’m here amongst you
With my forever friends crew
It’s now that I’ll have to leave
And I firmly believe,
I’ll not be able to put away my pain,
How deadly I wish-
“if I could grow up once again?”

“Generation Us”

Tuesday, a day like any other usual working day and on the breakfast table, the same usual lecture of “ Early to bed and early to rise” when suddenly I spoke up, “ So what? All of us do that.”
The same moment, one thing stroke my mind hard, how easily I called my generation as ‘us’. The only people understanding me is my generation. How easily I belong to them and they to me? They don’t have queries but simply ideas.
We have large wings to fly off as a free bird. One word which keeps us away from that is ‘why’? When I asked to be a movie distributor rather than an engineer, my parents asked me, ‘why’, when I decided to do some part-time job, my warden asked me ‘why’ when I asked for a picnic, my family asks me ‘why’ and its really hard to answer them.
They think we are just aimless creatures with no hopes and ideals. We are worthless robots who only know roaming, chatting and if not so, attending call centers.
True, we are the generation of call centers but we are also the people who turn down jobs abroad to work in India. We are also the people with gandhian values and rendering our duty well whenever called to do so.
So, are we the improved version of our forefathers or simply the deteriotating values?
I leave it on you….
Afterall some questions are best left unanswered….



Came into the world, and cried a lot,
In the mothers lap, the divine I sought.
I cried and wept, the whole day long
Sleep dawned on me at my mother’s song.
I played a lot, my innoncence at it’s best.
Parents behind me and no time to rest.
Subjects increased, my smile decreased
‘One day, I’ll become a big man’ I believed.
I strived hard, to be the best,
I fought, I competed to leave the rest.
The innocence now, is completely lost,
So called ‘Intelligence’, is only what I gave got.
I wanted this and I wanted that
I ruined my present, to keep future intact.
My life was driven by insatiable greed,
But money couldn’t buy everything I need.
Bank balance is high, life balance is low.
A millionaire so fast but a human so slow.
Didn’t care for family, didn’t care for friends
I stand here alone with nothing I could amend.
I loved my friends, but was too busy to express,
I ignored them with a ‘NO’, when I could have said ‘YES’
I had just one life but I died in between,
Hope in the next birth, I could make a more beautiful scene.

You Are My Best Friend

You Are My Best Friend!
Best friends we are,
Best friends we’ll be,
For always forever,
You and Me!
Longer than a phone call,
Deeper than the sea,
All this belongs to us,
You and Me!
Put it in a bottle,
Never let it free,
Keep it in your heart,
You and Me!
I hope you read this poem,
Remember it for me,
Look after it with care,
You and Me!

Life: The Unending Game

Life: The Unending Game
‘Its 2-1’ someone cried
A man tensed and the other sighed
For a tick-tock,tick tock
With a smart service again
There started a new
Badminton game.

But what was more interesting
Than someone losing or winning
It was to watch the flight,
Of a small, feathery, cock white
It tumbled back from one court to other
With a hard shot,losing some of its feather.

And as the game progressed along
I started rythming with tick tock song
And my eyes moved in company
From here to there,and there to here
With this, I felt a little dreamy.

To my surprise
The dream was looking so real
Or if it was something philosophical
Just like the cock, moves our life
So free in between and so high
But then we get a hard touch
Of all the problems that trouble much
Still, its not over yet
We bounce back from our problems
Like a flying jet.

And this back and forth
Continues forever and ever
From hard luck to a good time
Its we, who still shine.

The philosophy ended,
The dream was interrupted
By a big round of applause
And I stood up, after a pause.
I shouted with a great joy
As my friend was the winner boy.

With the match, the excitement was over
And over was my dream world
Still I was staring at the cock there
Lying unnoticed in the court here.

And it seemed, as if it was too staring
At me and at the other people around
And speaking to all with an unnoticed sound-
“ No matter what you face along,
If its dusk, there will be dawn
Whatever may come to you, O’ cmm’on,
Life still goes on and on…..”