The Sound Of Silence

I have heard the sound of silence
I heard everything
When you didn’t even utter a word
I could feel all the pain
That was given to you by me
When you didn’t even bother to complain
But today I accept-
I knew everything; I felt everything
Everything that you could not speak to me
I knew but I ignored,
You didn’t complain
I didn’t bother
Words left unspoken
Revolving around both of us
Yet none of us could dare to speak
Silence prevailed all around
I couldn’t hear you
But I could hear the silence
It spoke to me in times of distress
When you were away
It revealed to me all your hidden arguments
But damn me! I shuffled it off
And now-
When you are gone
The silence has engulfed me once again
It tortures me;
It argues with me
It holds me responsible for all what happened
But I haven’t changed yet,
Like an ignorant-I say to it even today-
It was your fault..
Yes it was yours…
You never complained;
Thats why I never listened
It was you who made me deaf!!

"Unspoken Promises"

I know that I
Promised to love you
With all I could
But to you
I failed in keeping it
I ask you
Was it an effortless try?

I know that you can
Get yourself easily away
From all memories of mine
You will be much happier there
But I ask
How can i?

I know you were
Never for me
And never will be mine
My heart still beats for you
I ask you
Coz I don’t know why?

I know I will lose you one day
No more queries
The same day I will die
But I promise
You will never hear a single cry…