Living With The Lies

I want to know the truth
I want to live the truth
In fact I want to be the truth
Yet I am living with the lies…
Ya I know it sounds contradictory
But there is something is beautiful with the contradictions…..
Its not my fault although
You are the reason
Why beauty has descended upon the lies…

I know I Don’t know
Anything about the tomorrow
Yet I promise you
Everything will be fine
Just to see you smile
And yes I say unto you
I love living with the lies….

I know I don’t know
For how long we will be together
Yet I promise you
It’s a relation beyond forever
Again its just to see you smile
And yes I say unto you I love living with the lies…

I know that I know
I can’t be with you everywhere
Yet I promise to you
I will be there whenever you close your eyes
And yes you guess right
Just to see you smile
And I say unto you
I love living with the lies ….

I know you also know
One day either of us has to die
Yet I promise you
Everything will be ok
Neither of us is going to die
And NO! You are wrong this time
I promise you because
I don’t want to see you cry
And I say unto you

That the worst and the best truth for me is

The Unnoticed Face

You could always see,

My ever smiling face.

You could always cherish,

My childish attitude.

You could always enjoy,

The time you were with me.

But why should I talk about you only?

Everyone I met,

Was no different from you.

I gave them pleasure,

I gave them joy,

I never told anyone-

My smile was fake.

My fun was unreal.

Behind my smile ,

Were tears rolling down silently.

Behind my smile,

Was a paining heart.

Behind my laugh,

I was falling apart.

Behind my smile,

I hide my pain and sorrow .

And behind this shattered body,

I hide my broken heart.

Oh! Leave everyone!

It was you who made me feel-

That my tears were worthless.

My sorrow had no meaning.

Alas! I thought you will understand me.

I thought you will be the one,

Who will wipe out my invisible tears.

You will be the one,

Who will listen to my sorrowful voice.

Damn you!

It was not you;

It was never you.

And damn me!

I kept living

In the virtual world of your love.

I kept laughing

At my own distress.

I kept carrying on

The painted smile.

I was and I am

Weeping with

My Unnoticed Face!!

Writing is NOT like a box of chocolates: A MEME

Writing is like….
Well I have to divide it into two parts…

 1.A journey into the unknown
 2.A journey of the unknown

Confused! Ya that’s what I do many times confuse many of my readers especially in my articles and then the whole article is about how to clear their confusion lol! And yes you can nick my name to Confucius (Its just to show my sense of humour…I think I am influenced by all the neo-writers..). Coming back to the point that I have divided a simple thing into two parts why so because my writing happens in two ways…

1.I am the writer and for that I have chosen the name A journey into the unknown…
2.Existence is the writer and I am simply a medium….and hence the name…Journey Of the Unknown…

Now let me go in details for both the cases….

1.A Journey into the Unknown- As soon as I read that I have to pass the flaming torch which is passed on to me by Ms.Jenny. I inquired myself what writing is like to me…And hence I come up with this piece of writing…My most of the writing pieces are like this…A journey which begins with the title and I dive into the unknown thoughts of my mind and a journey starts which ends when I feel like ending it…( And yes I am feeling like ending this section no more worries for you guys!!)

2.A Journey of the unknown- Sometimes or I have to say rarely it happens that I don’t write myself still something takes the form of a poem without a blink in my consciousness…this is as Osho says Poetry dawns upon a poet he is not the creator of it rather it’s the existence which chooses him as a medium to sing its song in the form of a poem…

Yes that’s what it means to me right now and it can change the very next moment because this is how I am… A CONSTANT CHANGE…Thanks for your time that you managed to give my thoughts and thanks to JENNY who find me worthy enough to tag….
Now I will tag three people to write their views about what writing means to them and the three (four) are-

1.Namita Kalra- Impact Of thoughts ( You are thinking I am Insane but she never listens to me…I can only request her lol!)
2.Jyoti Mishra- Random Scribblings
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Looking forward to see your meme guys!!