"Oh God! Its 8'o clock already."
I murmured to myself in a half-sleepy mood,
And a half-tensed mind
"Wake up! Wake up dear!" I said to myself
As you need to rush,
Its only half an hour to college time..

I wasn’t really in a mood to get up
And to decide what to do
I needed the time
As I thought of the time, I looked up at the clock
And my heart began to sink
When I realized-
There is no time to think!!

I jumped out of the bed..
Leaving my blanket as it is!
The only thing I liked about being late-
You need not even look at your untidy bed
Not even roll your blanket away..
What I call the most stupid thing
When suddenly I remembered
Be quick!
There is no time to think!!

I rushed with my toothbrush along,
Out of the room as swiftly as I could..
When suddenly I bumped into the door
Of my room (nothing new to me)
My head-badly hurt and paining hard
I stood for a sec, thinking-
If there's any wrangle between me and the door
But before I could think any more,
With my eyes' first blink
I realized-
There’s no time to think!!

Quickly I managed to forget the pain
And started brushing,
When suddenly I looked up in the mirror
Right there in front of me
My eyes staring at my own reflection..
My hands still moving to clean my teeth..
But I was taken to a different world,
A world which appeared out of nothing
And that too when,
There was no time to think!!

While staring at the mirror
I knew it was none, but me
I could recognize-
The same face, the same eyes..
But still I felt,
If there was something different!
Something I have lost a long time ago!!
Something that differentiated me from my own being!!
Something that forced me to this world!!!
When there was no time to think!!

The same moment, my phone rang,
A message is there, from my friend..
it was a joke rather!
Which made me smile for a moment
And to my surprise,
My smiling face looked so familiar to me..
Nothing missing now,
I was beginning to think once again..
When I dropped the idea,
Hastened with the brush,
Dressed up quickly,
Had my books,
And I was off as soon as possible!

On my way..
The same familiar unknown world reappeared before me..
Was it only a smile that was missing?
Have I lost it somewhere??
Am I as happy as I was before???
By now, I was standing in front of the college gate..
And once again, I wiped off the idea,
For there was no time to think!!

And then!
Nothing special..
The same no-time routine of mine,
But the thought comes to me, almost every time..
Whether I notice it or not,
It has become an inseparable part of my-
“BUSY BEE” schedule.

A schedule that doesn’t allow me-
To walk cheerfully,
To smile happily..

I want myself back,
I want those smiles back
I want to think over it!
I need to think over it!
But firstly, I need to think-
“Is there any time to think??"


  1. But how do you get the time to write this much?? by the way poem is good...

  2. really gud...its tym fr admiration nw....hats off

  3. itni b achi nhi lg rhi h aur tu aaj kl kch post nhi kr rha h yr tu.....

  4. Thank you Abhi! n you shut up Mr. Anmol!

  5. what is gud,what is bad just think and rate,don't comment.......

  6. @ganesh yar sirf rating aapki feelings ko express nhi kr skti na so comments b krne pdte h...

  7. kkkkk....,but cmmnts me kuchh curious ques bhi ho to jyada intrstng rahega yaar......

    what a nice saying by mansingh.......


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