Ragging - A Moron's Play

Let me define ragging first. It means to make others respect you and do work for you in the name of help. 
now the important definition which i think - RAGGING is a psychological disorder or a proof of psychological disorder in you...
It obviously indicates that how much  non respectful we are to ourselves. We force someone to wish us good morning and then we think it as  respect being given and then we become happy thinking that someone is giving us respect. According to me the psychological phenomena working behind ragging is that we are living in a vast emptiness inside us and in order to fill that emptiness, we try to do everything possible....And things which seems to fill it  even for a moment, attracts us like hell....for example- respect,fame, alcohol, drugs, sex. 
But we are wrong, these things may give us some momentary feeling of completeness but don't think that they can have a everlasting effect. The only way to fulfill this emptiness i can suggest is MEDITATION OR LOVE...they are both complimentary so i have used  "only"....

P.S-    The reasons behind taking ragging might seem very appealing to you but always remember that " All that glitters is not gold."
It seems appealing because mind can easily form beautiful reasons for anything which it likes. Sometimes even drinking seems to be the most righteous thing to do as the mind says " No one loves you, your girlfriend ditched you, there is so much pain , forget about everything...and in order to forget DRINK." So logic seems to be right but the psychology is always about fulfilling that emptiness.

PPS- I have seen that even teachers support ragging in the name of teaching manners to your juniors and better bonding. Don't believe them. They are more or less in the same state of mind as you are. So kindly give it a thought and decide Is RAGGING a right thing to do????

Hoping Against Hope

Arguments and fights
whatever may come
deep down i believed
you are the only one
no matter what u do,
and no matter what i say
I still cum to u as if there's no other way
My heart accused of distrust always cry 
I might have failed to trust u my dear 
but I've never failed to keep a hope...

The Unnoticed Face - III

The Unnoticed Face - III

By Anmol Gupta

"What!" Both Ram And Jesus said simultaneously with a great surprise.

Jesus added to the word WHAT and said, " The Hell! Have you gone out of your mind... I know the American ways... they will kill us even if we surrender"

Ram agreed with Jesus by nodding his head towards rahim.

Rahim have to convince them now as he has already turned into a human but the two are still not sure what and how to do...

Rahim in order to convince them asked, " Do you want more terror in the world?"

They hesitatingly said Not really...

Then it was a two way dialogue...

Rahim: Do you want more such persons who become terrorists like we have become?

Both: NO!

Rahim: Then we have to surrender..

Both showed up with a blank face engraved with HOW?

Now its rahim's turn... he has to show them the way that they must like in order to do the work...

He think for some 15 minutes and then said, " look I know what I am going to tell is hard but we dare do it! It can create a change in the whole world of terror... many people who are like us will give up terrorism and the world will be beautiful again... "

Jesus asked, " And what do we get?"

He replied with a proud in his eyes, " we will get back our tag of human... then no one will say that we have empty hearts and empty brains..everybody will see us as brave persons... "

Now this sentence looked completely convincing to them... because now the ego has changed its way although remaining the same in magnitude...

They both looked convinced and happy and Ram asked with excitement " What's the plan!"


Now Rahim have no plan as this was all spontaneous till now but to take any action further they need a plan... So they decided to meet at the same place the very next morning with a plan...

They all congratulated each other and hugged each other and went their homes... and this is what they all thought...

Rahim's Apartment...

He went to take a bath directly and come back refreshed. All his unconsciousness due to the liquor has faded... and guess what! He didn't even take care of taking rest... He simply sit on a chair and start making a plan,what to do and how to do? ( He was so pumped up by his new human form and the saviour form of course!)

Ram's apartment...

He again went into his past remembering all that happened to him and weeping a little more... After that he thought that how peaceful he will feel if he can live as freely as any human... where he has no guilt... he loved the feeling and decided he will do whatsoever is needed just to get a taste of this feeling...

Jesus's apartment...

Now this was the man who was opposing the most... but now he was enjoying the most... he was thinking about the girl he met years before in the church but left her because of his nightmares... He kept a secret from the other two that he still get that nightmare... and for the first time he was dreaming about anything else and what can be more satisfying than a beautiful face whom he have loved in his childhood days... ( You can never get past of your FIRST CRUSH!!)...

And this very dreaming confirms all to him and he determined himself to do anything for this dream again which can only happen once he get past his guilt...


They all came as early as 6:00 am... actually none of them slept that night... and a new joy can easily be seen on their faces...

Ram asked impatiently tell us he plan common do it quick...

Rahim without even wasting a split of second started, " first of all we have to move out of the reach of our mafias... then after some time say 3 days we will search a guy who can do this work for us... "

"This work?" Our loving jesus asked...

"He will tell the police that we want to surrender only at one condition that we will not get punished and must be allowed to live a simple life and in turn we will give them all the information we have... "

After taking a long pause he said, " And do not worry guys we will ask for a protection also which will save us from our gang mafias... " ( They all knew that their gangs will be more dangerous for them then the police)...

So they all agreed and begin their mission which seems possible enough now... They move away from America to Jammu Kashmir( said to be heaven on earth) to find some inner tranquillity... and found a guy who will do the job for them..( Although they had to use their gun power for making him agree... (You cannot do a simple work if you don't have power! A simple rule which they knew everything of))...

After three days the guy called the police and the police agreed to fulfil their demand on the agreement of exchange of all the information...

Everything done! And they decide the date of 15 June... they decided to live their freedom for one more week... In this one week the police found out everything about these terrorists and found that they are involved in some of the biggest terror attacks the world has ever seen...


It was los angeles where police asked them to surrender themselves... It was a very quiet corner of the city and exactly the midnight was the time when they three reached there... they were all praying to their respective gods for forgiveness... and then they saw a huge force is rushing towards them... and in a minute they all were surrounded by policemen from all sides...

They were terrified (police can even create terror in the terrorists... it is a wonder how we can compromise with such brutal evils... ) with this unexpected force... but rahim said, " Do not worry..it's never easy with a terrorist..they have come prepared that if we had some other plans... "

Suddenly some four black cars arrived in front of them and stopped there... A man came out and the guards checked the three if they have some guns or other weapons... But they do not found anything... This must be the evidence enough that they are loyal to their words... and the three felt the same and become convinced that their plan has succeeded and now they can live their lives happily ever after... The very next moment the officer went backwards with his back towards them and he pointed his fingers to all the armymen and here goes a blast... " BOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!"

All three were killed and their astral bodies were burned the very same moment...

A Terrorist Training center:

A terrorist was caught who has attempted to run away after hearing that those three have decided to surrender and police have agreed ( Only Half the truth!)

He was taken in front of the mafia...

Mafia laughing loudly said... " You fool.. what do you think that what we are teaching in the name of Terror is all utter non-sense?"

"Listen you all the Terrorists! Do not even think about surrender... do you think that the one who are in power of that so called human world are less corrupt then us... they are same devils as we are just they are more afraid then us..so they have masked themselves in the form of GODS and messiahs... "

"I would like to announce that all those three fools are now dead! They were killed by the police.."

And all that was left is a loud laugh of that messiah...



I know that many of you will not agree with this... but it does happen... one does not become a terrorist by his own choice... What we need to do is... show them respect..that we respect them as a human..give them love... never punish a terrorist instead give him freedom..Do You think that by giving punishment we can stop the terror in the world... Certainly not... " KILL AS MANY OSAMAS AS YOU LIKE BUT THE TERROR WORLD WILL REMAIN THE SAME BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY DAWOODS AND MANY MORE OSAMAS" Only love is the solution... only love...

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The Unnoticed Face - II

The Unnotice Face - II

By Anmol Gupta

Sitting near the bank of the river and in the sounds of water rahim get drowned in his past and a poem sprouts out his mind...
I was born a human;

Brought up by parents

Who knows nothing of violence

Such simple hearted and kind people

I would like to call them insane

To be such a human in this

Cruel form of time...
As I begin to realise that

How good they are

I heard that my parents were killed

In an on going war...
Still a rookie in this political world

I believed who said they are killed by

I still asked them what was their mistake

To which they said being a Muslim was their mistake...
I can't withstand my anger

Hold a gun and went in the war

That was the start and

I am still carrying on that spark...

Now it was Ram's turn and he started in the same way...
I was Born a human

But my parents believed I was born a Hindu

It was the time of war

When the Muslims torn the Hindus apart

In the state of a deeply conditioned mind

I made a decision well determined

That I will be a messiah for Hindus

And I will do all that is possible for me to do..

But the existence have other plans

In this insane world of the cruel time

I meet a group who was as insane as mine...
Which turned me into a devil instead of a messiah

But their conditioning was the same

And for doing this evil work of them

They nicknamed me Messiah...
Now Ram and Rahim both were in tears and they asked Jesus to follow and Jesus opened his eyes as if he was remembering what has happened to him and started saying... But he did not start in a poetic sense..he simply stated what he felt...

I don't know how am I born, for the simple reason that I was born an orphan but when I was 10 years of age the father of the church of the orphanage told me that My parents were Christian and they were killed by the Jews... Now the same father who taught me about Love, Truth and kindness... started to telling me about the misdeeds of Jews... and every now and then he make me remind that they killed my parents... I was only 10 and it had a great impact on my brain..eventually it become unbearable when I started having nightmares about A Jew killing my parents... I can only bear it for two months and then I ran out of the orphanage and killed the first Jew I got to see at the same night... he was a policeman and his name was engraved on his ID... In the blindness of my anger, I couldn't see that he was a police man and he appeared to me as the same person who kills my parents every night in my dreams... I caught him, took his gun by disguise and shoot him... I was caught and put in the jail for 20 years and after that there is no turning back..i have killed many Jews after coming back from jail...

By saying all this he can no longer control himself and started to cry loudly and the sound of running water was soon suppressed by the loud cries of the three...

And then a silence engrossed the environment and all three of them went into a deep introspection.

Ram said, " Can we again begin our lives as a human being?"

Jesus, "Have you gone mad? I can't leave this live after all it has given me all that I have... the power, the money, the fame in this underworld... I can not go back.."

Then again a silence, they all knew that what Jesus was saying is true and they can not get all this if they begin to live as human... After sometime Rahim started:

"Look! I admit that this terrorism has given us the power, the money, the fame but if these all things can buy us the contentment then we all should not have been sitting here and weeping and thinking about the mistakes we have committed in life... I know it's hard but we have to take a stand... "

Jesus interrupted mockingly, " And what can we do Mr. philosopher... "

Rahim shoot his words.. "SURRENDER"!

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The Unnoticed Face - I

The Unnoticed Face - I

By Anmol Gupta

It is a bar scene and three devils (Ram, Rahim And Jesus) are sitting on their sofas enjoying the sexy bar dancers and striptease of them. When suddenly one of the devils (Rahim) starts weeping and the other two were shocked that He was literally weeping... In great disbelief they asked him what happened (even they did not know him)... He replied, "The woman who is dancing naked in front of me must be a sister and a daughter to someone... how can I be so cruel to watch her and enjoy?? How can I?"

Ram said, "Take a chill pill dude! You are a terrorist man... what the hell are you talking?"

(Rahim was still weeping and to answer he stops himself and find the courage to speak.)

" I have heard that liquor is useful in forgetting the past... made you forget who you are and this time the same has happened to me... I have forgotten that I am a terrorist and suddenly when I am no longer a terrorist, I am a human.."

Now it was the turn of Jesus, still in the awe of the power of his devil persona he remarked, " Fuck off that human word..I am not used to it... Go wash your face... Fuck some girl here and then kill that bitch and you will be a terrorist again."

But one glimpse is enough to ignite the fire of Kindness and good heartedness... Rahim replied to that nasty comment of Jesus, " Brother! I know you have the same wounds as I have... nobody chooses to be a terrorist himself... and for the first time in life I want to discuss those wounds... "

Ram was in a state of conflict whether to do this or not... But Jesus have decided to do that... for the simple reason that Rahim called him brother... nobody has ever called him like a relative..and then the majority wins and the three decided to share their pasts...

RAHIM started first as he was the one who was inspiring the three of them... but Ram suggested that they should move away from this Hell and go to some quiet place... Jesus suggested the Church near them... Ram has the opinion to go to a temple... now if they go any of the two suggested places there will be a cold war... Sniffing the fight in the air Rahim said let us go near by the river... the temple, churches and mosques are all too much infected by the intellectual and so called civilised people... (speaking as if he has turned into a mystic suddenly...)

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World as I See it

When i look at your face
I see nothing but ambition
Then i analyze your life
And all i see is a Smile, hiding your tension
Your love seems moral to me
Bcoz you don't love me
You only seem to love your son 
And i know that i am not only that one.
Then i try to look at the whole world
And ofcourse the eyes haven't changed
I can see the same almost everywhere
Bcoz it has been preached all over by those who don't know
And its no hyperbole to say by those who dont even follow.
Then i look at my own self
The rotten ideas have no place
But then its the love for you and the lack of courage
Which is holding me from taking the jump.
Now there is no tomorrow
All dreams are vanished
But i am not yet in bliss
I think i am stuck somewhere in the past
And i don't know for how long its going to last.

The Pain of Love

You talked of love
I listened of love
You preached of love
For the first time, I thought of love
You made me believe in love
You made me dream of love

You casted my fear to the farthest corners
Fear of love
Fear of being in love
A sudden freedom dawned upon me
I could say it all to you
You made me accept love
You made me express love

And your magic continued
Surrounding me with a fragrant air
Didn't know if it was a worthy truth
Or was it just a mirage
You made me fall in love
You made me live in love

But the mirage soon showed its shallowness
The other side was now not unknown
With all the pain along
Tears fell with a merciful song
No less pain was caused to you
This makes me cry even more
You made me hate love
You made me fear love
You made me ...  A Loveless Human!!