The Sound Of Silence

I have heard the sound of silence
I heard everything
When you didn’t even utter a word
I could feel all the pain
That was given to you by me
When you didn’t even bother to complain
But today I accept-
I knew everything; I felt everything
Everything that you could not speak to me
I knew but I ignored,
You didn’t complain
I didn’t bother
Words left unspoken
Revolving around both of us
Yet none of us could dare to speak
Silence prevailed all around
I couldn’t hear you
But I could hear the silence
It spoke to me in times of distress
When you were away
It revealed to me all your hidden arguments
But damn me! I shuffled it off
And now-
When you are gone
The silence has engulfed me once again
It tortures me;
It argues with me
It holds me responsible for all what happened
But I haven’t changed yet,
Like an ignorant-I say to it even today-
It was your fault..
Yes it was yours…
You never complained;
Thats why I never listened
It was you who made me deaf!!

First Award For The Blog- Part 3

Hey guys now it's Time to give away awards as one has to complete the process...Generally i have a habit of seeing good things only even in the midst of not so good i like many blogs but an award means you are good at every here is a list of my chosen ones...

1. Jyoti Mishra - Sensitive and heart touching poems...a must read...
2. Half Moon Serenade- A lover, A give a visit...
3. Ms. Sandhya Sharma- A housewife and still writing such beautiful poems, an inspiration for all...
4. Satyapal Sharma- A dear friend and a very hard working one... give it a look for all the technical purposes...

Will come up with more blogs in the near future...

First Award For The Blog- Part 2

Hello everyone!! I am Namita.. As Anmol already mentioned,I too contribute towards this blog.Actually he could not have done it alone... LOL!!
So here I would like to share some thing about myself..

1. Some believe it simply amusing and fun;Others call it silliness.. But I just love to to be playful.. Thats what I am and Thats what I always want to remain..

2. I love to roam around with my friends,my family.. anyone!! everyone!!!

3. You might have understood that I have a very jolly nature yet at times I come out very seriously with the things..(but that is a rare case)

4. I have a phobia of being bored.Thats something I hate the most.Being bore is like being lifeless to me..

5. And.. And.. And Thats all!!!

First Award For The Blog!!

Now for the note attached, let's see here...

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Thanks to S.J Wist... for giving us our first blog award in the form of Irrestibly Sweet Blog Award it sounds good i have to admit...
Do give his blog a look, he writes fantasy book reviews....

Now something about me...

1. That this blog is a contribution of two persons one is me( anmol) and the other one is  Namita. So we will share these random points....

Something about me ( Anmol)...

1. I am...The answer is I don't know...i am looking for the answer of Who AM I ?
2. I am deeply in love with Osho.
3. I love to laugh without reason...or i make my own ways just to laugh them off....
4. I am not a writer not an engineer or better to say i am nothing..i am not attached with any of my occupations...
5. Always expect the unexpected from me or better to say never expect anything from me....I am beyond every prediction of yours....
Enough of me The 2nd part of the article will be written by ms. namita herself...till then good bye guys...

It Was Raining That Day

I heard a sound
First I thought that,
I left the tap open again
But then I realised,
Heaven has opened its gate
And clouds have come out
To shower it blessings on earth
In the form a divine liquid,
In the form of rain.

I woke up from my sleep,
Get in the balcony
And wao! I sighed,
What a beauty! I exclaimed.
I can see the mountains
But only as if my eyes
Were a wet lens
The rain has blurred the view
Only to make the scene
A more picturesque.

Then what follows makes the whole experience worth writing.

A girl from the neighbourhood
Came out of her house
Dressed in a yellow skirt
Holding a pink umbrella
She came outside in the rain.
Oh! For full 5 minutes
I tried to see her
But that umbrella was
As clouds to the sun.

Then after those mysterious 5 minutes
Shed decided to
Let the water touch her
And feel the sensation of her lovely body.

She put aside the umbrella
I got to see her finally
And I am sorry!
But I have no words to tell
She makes me speechless.

She was the sun
Which enlightened the
Whole universe of mine
And I am sure
Those drops on her body
Must now tastes like a wine..

Only One Chance

Sometimes you get only one chance,
One chance to put aside your pride and say,
“I was wrong “or “it was my fault”.
One chance to explain a misunderstanding that, if ignored, would sour a friendship.
One chance to hear, what other need to tell u.
One chance to defend a friend, when slighting remarks are made against him.
One chance to accept a shy, but sincere offer of friendship.
One chance to stand up and be counted when you don’t agree with the crowd.
One chance to say, “No”, when it’s important to say “No” but easier to say yes.
One chance to correct a wrong you have done.
One chance to choose the right one when you come to crossroads in your life.
One chance to stand up and face a hard situation, instead of running from it.
Sometimes you get only one chance.