The Unnoticed Face

You could always see,

My ever smiling face.

You could always cherish,

My childish attitude.

You could always enjoy,

The time you were with me.

But why should I talk about you only?

Everyone I met,

Was no different from you.

I gave them pleasure,

I gave them joy,

I never told anyone-

My smile was fake.

My fun was unreal.

Behind my smile ,

Were tears rolling down silently.

Behind my smile,

Was a paining heart.

Behind my laugh,

I was falling apart.

Behind my smile,

I hide my pain and sorrow .

And behind this shattered body,

I hide my broken heart.

Oh! Leave everyone!

It was you who made me feel-

That my tears were worthless.

My sorrow had no meaning.

Alas! I thought you will understand me.

I thought you will be the one,

Who will wipe out my invisible tears.

You will be the one,

Who will listen to my sorrowful voice.

Damn you!

It was not you;

It was never you.

And damn me!

I kept living

In the virtual world of your love.

I kept laughing

At my own distress.

I kept carrying on

The painted smile.

I was and I am

Weeping with

My Unnoticed Face!!


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