Teenage Love - Attraction Or True Love?

By Anmol Gupta
Love: A beautiful word and a universal emotion and the most difficult one to understand (even more difficult than women!). The reason is that it has so much other emotions involved in it that you can identify these other emotions as separate ones but actually they are formed from love only.
Love consists of compassion, sacrifice, passion, lust, possessiveness and even anger. It's really difficult to understand that anger can be a form of love but it is. Because mostly the anger arouse in you is because of your loved ones not doing the things you expect, so it is a form of love definitely. So love is really hard to understand.
Now coming on the topic, Teenage love: attraction or true love. Actually in my view Teenage love is more of attraction and less of true love. I am not saying that true love doesn't exist in teenagers but in most of the cases it's just attraction. For example the love which starts in college is attraction in my opinion (there can be some exceptions.) because at this age students are most fascinated towards the opposite sex and they became more frank with each other than ever before. Also they change themselves according to the liking of their respective partners for only the period of time in which they are together.
The other reason can be that because there is so much competition today parents and even teachers always keep telling the child that 11th and 12th are the two classes in which they should only study in order to have a bright future and don't pay attention towards any other thing.
So after doing so much hard work and getting admission the suppressed desires sprout out which results in sudden attraction and they think that's love and this is the only reason that so many break-ups happen. Because when you spend time with your partner than only you came to know about the real qualities of your partner and you may or may not like it.
And that can be a reason also to the divorces which happen even after love marriages.
So guys one can't help the attraction but a piece of advice is that don't believe in 1st sight love when you are in college give some time for the relationship and then make the decision.
And for girls especially DO NOT allow the physical intimacy in a new relationship.
Some of you may think that I'm wrong in saying that teenage love is attraction only but guys I am not denying the fact that true love can also happen it's just that true will overcome all these boundaries and will win after all.
Because true love is the ultimate winner and it's incredible and impeccable.
BY: Anmol Gupta

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How To Qualify For HAHD

               "How To Qualify for HAHD 6"
Ezine artciles is a website that not only gives a chance to share your thoughts in the form of artciles and poems but also it offers some unique help to it's authors. The Hundred Article In Hundred Days marathon challenge or HAHD as they like to call it, is a very unique source of motivation for authors like us to produce some high quality and original ideas.
For signing up, i needed a lot of courage and only today i can muster up the courage to sign-up for the challenge. So as i have signed up already, the first article i am writing is about how to manage to qualify for the challenge.
The Problems You will Face:-
1. To write HUNDRED articles. The number is enough for you to think that it is very difficult. There are many authors who do not even have total 100 articles in their kitty!!
2.  In Addition to the number you have the horrible time limit also which again says HUNDRED days.  Writing hundres articles is very difficult and writing them in 100 days, now you can say easily it's almost impossible.
3. Many of us can write articles and can write 100 articles in hundred days too, but the next problem is Ezineartciles itself!!
Wondering How? Let me clear it. The website's tagline itself says high quality and original articles. You can not copy, can not even re-submit your thoughts and no mistakes are allowed to be done.
So the main problem is the third one " How to Write High Quality And Original Hundred Articles In Hundred Days?"

Now, you can  think that if there can even be a solution or not? Well, enough of haunting work has been done by me....It's time for the solutions now.
"What Can Be The Solutions?"
1. Be Positive:- Being optimistic in any situation mean half a work is done already. As reamrked by Willie Nelson (The famous singer), "Once you replace negative thoughts with the positive ones, you'll start having positive results."

2. Be in present- The best thing about HAHD is, although it says hundred articles in hundred days, you can interpret it as one article each day. So as said by everyone that the only way to success is being in present, is applicable here too!! Do not think about the next day, just think about an article a day and you will be able to write one each day.

3. Observe-  The best tool for a author to create original and quality work is his own insight. And your own thinking only develops when you observe things as they are. Once you start observing you will develop your own interpretations about anything and you will be able to convert your thinking into an article. And it will be original too.

Hope that this article will be helpful for you guys in order to qualify for the HAHD and let me know if you have any suggestions also.


"Oh God! Its 8'o clock already."
I murmured to myself in a half-sleepy mood,
And a half-tensed mind
"Wake up! Wake up dear!" I said to myself
As you need to rush,
Its only half an hour to college time..

I wasn’t really in a mood to get up
And to decide what to do
I needed the time
As I thought of the time, I looked up at the clock
And my heart began to sink
When I realized-
There is no time to think!!

I jumped out of the bed..
Leaving my blanket as it is!
The only thing I liked about being late-
You need not even look at your untidy bed
Not even roll your blanket away..
What I call the most stupid thing
When suddenly I remembered
Be quick!
There is no time to think!!

I rushed with my toothbrush along,
Out of the room as swiftly as I could..
When suddenly I bumped into the door
Of my room (nothing new to me)
My head-badly hurt and paining hard
I stood for a sec, thinking-
If there's any wrangle between me and the door
But before I could think any more,
With my eyes' first blink
I realized-
There’s no time to think!!

Quickly I managed to forget the pain
And started brushing,
When suddenly I looked up in the mirror
Right there in front of me
My eyes staring at my own reflection..
My hands still moving to clean my teeth..
But I was taken to a different world,
A world which appeared out of nothing
And that too when,
There was no time to think!!

While staring at the mirror
I knew it was none, but me
I could recognize-
The same face, the same eyes..
But still I felt,
If there was something different!
Something I have lost a long time ago!!
Something that differentiated me from my own being!!
Something that forced me to this world!!!
When there was no time to think!!

The same moment, my phone rang,
A message is there, from my friend..
it was a joke rather!
Which made me smile for a moment
And to my surprise,
My smiling face looked so familiar to me..
Nothing missing now,
I was beginning to think once again..
When I dropped the idea,
Hastened with the brush,
Dressed up quickly,
Had my books,
And I was off as soon as possible!

On my way..
The same familiar unknown world reappeared before me..
Was it only a smile that was missing?
Have I lost it somewhere??
Am I as happy as I was before???
By now, I was standing in front of the college gate..
And once again, I wiped off the idea,
For there was no time to think!!

And then!
Nothing special..
The same no-time routine of mine,
But the thought comes to me, almost every time..
Whether I notice it or not,
It has become an inseparable part of my-
“BUSY BEE” schedule.

A schedule that doesn’t allow me-
To walk cheerfully,
To smile happily..

I want myself back,
I want those smiles back
I want to think over it!
I need to think over it!
But firstly, I need to think-
“Is there any time to think??"

A Meditative Walk

So silent is the moon
So silent the sky
And in the utter silence
A poem is going by…

As I go on
My mind entered
The silence is gone
And the thoughts come on.

I let them be
As they are
They come and and go
Some near some far….

I was lost in them
I called the sky
The sky called me
And after some minutes with them
They got lost in me…..

Now I was there
And they were not
As I got lost
The god apppeared….

Now god was i
And god was the creation
I got the glimpse
And my life got a mission…

Only in the silence of world
I could find the right words
Which led me to the truth
And transformed my life
To blessings from curse……..

Lovely School Days

Lovely School Days

Lovely School Days And Innocent Us
All have wishes, many have dreams
Some have ideas, a few have plans
And with such a plan,
Who would have thought?
That Greenway will get- What it has now got?

Can’t tell what it gave me!
Can’t tell what it meant to me!
I’m just capable of realizing its worth, I say
Adorning my life, in a way.

I will never forget the unspoken love, you offered
In this mean-2 world
And today itself, I proclaim
That behind my determined aim
Teachers, you’ll certainly find your name.

And years after,
Together we’ll remember the same moment
And agree that
Yes, Greenway has got talent.


Gone Are The Days

Gone Are The Days
Now I am here,when the school has gone
And we have started with a new sun’s dawn
I looked back which remind me of my past
Not clearly visible,
Yet something sensible.

I could see my lovely school
In the morning fresh and cool
‘We’ ,the friends are there
Fun and frolic everywhere
Look in the classroom
All of us sitting and chatting
In front of a teacher,all regretting
Enjoying the moments altogether
What one says, we didn’t bother
We were innocent and lovely then
With me, always asking for a pen.

I could hear all our shout
That’s what school was all about.
But gone are the days…

It’s now when all has ended
All my friends have descended
Busy shaping their future ,
All are tired worthy creature.
And so I am,
Looking forward for something new ..
Full of reminances of my friend’s crew.

I just regret..
I couldn’t tell what I could see ..
How I belong to them and they to me.. .
I could never tell ..
What position in my life ,
Hold, my friends!
Without whom,life appears to end.
I never felt,what they cost ..
And now,when I have lost
Damn me and damn them !!
I am a loser!! as
I have lost them….


      can i call myself brave....
      can i call myself brave? there was a time when life was harsh to me,but i faced it with all bravely,wisely,widout fears and tears..

      i was n am, my own driving force, i have always tried to and am still trying to fill this world with light,to banish the darkness.

      i do get tired at times, but i cant afford to stop,bcoz that would be letting the darkness to take over,it wil surround me, endless darkness,it will engulf evevrything,all will be lost....

      this thought is enough for me to start again,to re-fuel myself and setout once again to achieve my goal..
      i dont know how many battles i have won so far,but i do know i still have to win the final one.....and i will....
      in this defeaning world,i have kept my sanity and can hear my inner voice.

      i reject the rejection.i accept the hard work;im ready and always will be to fight for
      my existence.....
      life never stops,neither should it,but i will make my presence felt.

      i am commited....
      can i call myself brave?im least bothered about this,and may a bit bothered about winning. life is a great teacher,explore life and learn from it and you will triumph........
      an act of bravery,which will benefit only you,is separated by selfishness by a very thin line. you can be brave in true sense of the word only,if you fight evil for no materialistic gains, in fact for no particular reasons,and just for the sake of eradicating evil and spreading light.........

      and as you fight u have to keep a firm grip on your thoghts,dont get carried away so keeping all this in mind.im trying,probably i m brave.............................. :-) :-)


Hey....guys dis is Abhilash Lavania or u can cal me abhi(insane) wid luv....im from Sri Venkateswara College..Delhi University...n thank u Anmol bhai...u gave me an opportunity to express mah thoughts via IMPACT OF THOUGHTS.....guys i assure u dat i ll write more n more n more fr dis blog.... :-)


Being SubmiSsive to Her,
Is DIs luv or just INsanity of m99..

we decided to walk together
on the path of life.

but now,m alone & can only find a dark reflection of urs..
The flowers which we hve thread up in d garlend of life.

the tym,which we hve nurtured with our luv.
now can only find,the essence of sweet memories of tht tym.

this is my elegy for luv.
now we hve lost tht trust..

thts y,being submissive to her,
m asking..was tht luv..??

Or jus Insanity of mine...???

You make my day....

My Every Morning begins with you
you make my day when i think of you
My every smile belongs only to you
you make my day when i think of you.

My every path leads only to you
My only work is thinking of you
You may not be aware 
but that's what i do
You make my day when i think of you.

My every poem is only for you
And i am sure it is definitely true
My soul is discovered by you
You may not be aware
Yet it is a truth
You make my day when i think of you.

My heart does beat, but i can't feel it
 But when i think of you
it beats me suddenly
You are not with me yet with me
Life is both bliss and agony.

My every morning begins with you
You make my day when i think of you.......