A World Beyond Boundaries

A few days back this poem was presented to be displayed as a guest post to an awesome writer, Cherie who owns a very nice blog http://readywritego.blogspot.com/ and she readily responded and that too positively.. So nice of her.I would like to share the same poem here too for my readers.

Yes! I dare to wish it
A Utopia you can say but
Hope is the word for me..
A world where exist no boundaries…

Where A girl is as equal to her counterpart
A black is as good as a white
Where nothing other than love
Can even think to reside.

Where A Poet is free to express
And there exists nothing to suppress
Where freedom becomes the utmost priority
And there exists nothing such as “HUMAN CALAMITY”.

Where I can be your friend
And asking everybody’s surname is not a trend
Where peace is not the gap between wars
And we care for earth more than mars.

Where there exists no species like HYPOCRITE
And doing things is considered more artistic
Than learning a quotation to write…

Yes! I dare to wish
A Utopia you can say but
Hope is the word for me..
A world where exist no boundaries…

With You

Whenever I was with you,
I wanted to stay as long as I could;
don't know if you like to be with me that long..
Every time I cannot decide:
Should I Stay or Leave I should??

It seems you don't wanna stay
As soon as can be you wanna go..
But the very next moment you say that you love me
And all my anger silently flow..

What can I interpret?
This must be the confusion
What differs is the interpretation!
What I interpret of love
Must be different from what you do..
Well all I know is that I love you!!

I am: The Second Sex


Although born through a women
Even she doesn’t feel my pain
Not that she can’t understand it
But all her efforts went in vain.

What to complain of a man
Who dominates through violence
Yet I sympathies with them
They don’t have the privilege
Even to create themselves.

Yes everybody loves me
But only as an object of desire
As they saw me as an individual
They have to explode fire.

My freedom is their sorrow
What if I fly tomorrow
And you won’t find me caged to borrow
So they cut the wings of the sparrow.

I am not allowed to do certain things
Whether I laugh or I weep
All they can think is only prestige
Their head can be very large
Yet their heart remains the size of a pea

I am lost, I am tired
But still I am alive
Among your various desires
My struggle has just begin
You have to find some method
So that this time you can win.

Love In Me

I thought it was just a mirage of mind
An illusion,it's fake,impossible to find
But the day I met you,I began to see
that love is real and exists in me..

I still remember the day
When existence planned a world so special for you and me
A bond so true that no one else can see
I knew nothing of love
But was sure-someone has come
When I had nothing to do,still I was busy
To make me realise
That love is real and exists in me

You cast my fears to the bed of the ocean
You carried my hopes to the end of the earth
As you build up my faith,mountain high
You deeply warm my heart with a wondrous smile
I longed for the winds of your love
To guide me back to the shore in this lonely sea
Yes I know now
That love is real and it exists in me...

The Dependent Independence

First of all, a very happy independence day to all the Indians. Hoping that this time you all make sure that the responsibility each and every one of us have is bigger than hosting a tri-colour flag and singing a national anthem. In this poem I tried to expose the hypocrites who are responsible for ruining the country.

Contrary it sounds
And that’s how
It explains all our wounds
Freedom has lost all it’s meaning
And this is my only feeling.

Whenever thoughts cloud my mind
I look for the positive ones
As searching for diamonds in a coal mine
But this country has lost all its glow
And even the Ganges have stopped to flow.

The democracy allows only a limited freedom
Some owns a palace,others can’t even afford a slum
If anyone can win,he must be a politician
And laws are like the aftermaths,
When humanity undergoes cremation.

The situation is worse
More terrifying than it can ever sound
Because no dictionary contains the words
For the cruelty being displayed
For converting rupee to dollars and dollars to pound.

And I assure you
Now is the only time to hope
Coz now the scenario can’t get worse
And if we can believe in ourselves
Then this democratic looking dictatorship
Will sure going to an end. 

Javed Akhtar's Poetry From Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Pighlay neelam sa behta hua yeh samaan
Neeli neeli si khamoshiyaan
Na kahin hai zameen
Na kahin aasmaan
Sarsaraati huyi tehniyaan, pattiyaan
Keh rahi hain ki bas ek tum ho yahaan
Sirf main hoon meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein
Aisi gehraiyaan
Aisi tanhaiyaan
Aur main sirf main
Apne honay pe mujhko yaqeen aa gaya

Ik baat honton tak hai jo aayi nahin
Bas ankhon say hai jhaankti
Tumse kabhi, mujhse kabhi
Kuch lafz hain woh maangti
Jinko pehanke honton tak aa jaaye woh
Aawaaz ki baahon mein baahein daalke ithlaaye woh
Lekin jo yeh ik baat hai
Ahsaas hi ahsaas hai
Khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti
Khushboo jo be-aawaaz hai
Jiska pata tumko bhi hai
Jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai
Duniya se bhi chupta nahin
Yeh jaane kaisa raaz hai
Jab jab dard ka baadal chaya
Jab ghum ka saya lehraya
Jab aansoo palkon tak aya
Jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya
Humne dil ko yeh samjhaya
Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai
Duniya mein yunhi hota hai
Yeh jo gehre sannate hain
Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain
Thoda ghum hai sabka qissa
Thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa
Aankh teri bekaar hi nam hai
Har pal ek naya mausam hai
Kyun tu aise pal khota hai
Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai
Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyaan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyaan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Hawaa ke jhonkon ke jaise azad rehna seekho
Tum ek dariya ke jaise lehron mein behna seekho
Har ek lamhe se tum milo khole apni baahein
Har ek pal ik naya samaan dekhein yeh nigaahein
Jo apni aankhon mein hairaaniyaan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyaan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum

The Sound Of Silence

I have heard the sound of silence
I heard everything
When you didn’t even utter a word
I could feel all the pain
That was given to you by me
When you didn’t even bother to complain
But today I accept-
I knew everything; I felt everything
Everything that you could not speak to me
I knew but I ignored,
You didn’t complain
I didn’t bother
Words left unspoken
Revolving around both of us
Yet none of us could dare to speak
Silence prevailed all around
I couldn’t hear you
But I could hear the silence
It spoke to me in times of distress
When you were away
It revealed to me all your hidden arguments
But damn me! I shuffled it off
And now-
When you are gone
The silence has engulfed me once again
It tortures me;
It argues with me
It holds me responsible for all what happened
But I haven’t changed yet,
Like an ignorant-I say to it even today-
It was your fault..
Yes it was yours…
You never complained;
Thats why I never listened
It was you who made me deaf!!

"Unspoken Promises"

I know that I
Promised to love you
With all I could
But to you
I failed in keeping it
I ask you
Was it an effortless try?

I know that you can
Get yourself easily away
From all memories of mine
You will be much happier there
But I ask
How can i?

I know you were
Never for me
And never will be mine
My heart still beats for you
I ask you
Coz I don’t know why?

I know I will lose you one day
No more queries
The same day I will die
But I promise
You will never hear a single cry…

Living With The Lies

I want to know the truth
I want to live the truth
In fact I want to be the truth
Yet I am living with the lies…
Ya I know it sounds contradictory
But there is something is beautiful with the contradictions…..
Its not my fault although
You are the reason
Why beauty has descended upon the lies…

I know I Don’t know
Anything about the tomorrow
Yet I promise you
Everything will be fine
Just to see you smile
And yes I say unto you
I love living with the lies….

I know I don’t know
For how long we will be together
Yet I promise you
It’s a relation beyond forever
Again its just to see you smile
And yes I say unto you I love living with the lies…

I know that I know
I can’t be with you everywhere
Yet I promise to you
I will be there whenever you close your eyes
And yes you guess right
Just to see you smile
And I say unto you
I love living with the lies ….

I know you also know
One day either of us has to die
Yet I promise you
Everything will be ok
Neither of us is going to die
And NO! You are wrong this time
I promise you because
I don’t want to see you cry
And I say unto you

That the worst and the best truth for me is

The Unnoticed Face

You could always see,

My ever smiling face.

You could always cherish,

My childish attitude.

You could always enjoy,

The time you were with me.

But why should I talk about you only?

Everyone I met,

Was no different from you.

I gave them pleasure,

I gave them joy,

I never told anyone-

My smile was fake.

My fun was unreal.

Behind my smile ,

Were tears rolling down silently.

Behind my smile,

Was a paining heart.

Behind my laugh,

I was falling apart.

Behind my smile,

I hide my pain and sorrow .

And behind this shattered body,

I hide my broken heart.

Oh! Leave everyone!

It was you who made me feel-

That my tears were worthless.

My sorrow had no meaning.

Alas! I thought you will understand me.

I thought you will be the one,

Who will wipe out my invisible tears.

You will be the one,

Who will listen to my sorrowful voice.

Damn you!

It was not you;

It was never you.

And damn me!

I kept living

In the virtual world of your love.

I kept laughing

At my own distress.

I kept carrying on

The painted smile.

I was and I am

Weeping with

My Unnoticed Face!!

Writing is NOT like a box of chocolates: A MEME

Writing is like….
Well I have to divide it into two parts…

 1.A journey into the unknown
 2.A journey of the unknown

Confused! Ya that’s what I do many times confuse many of my readers especially in my articles and then the whole article is about how to clear their confusion lol! And yes you can nick my name to Confucius (Its just to show my sense of humour…I think I am influenced by all the neo-writers..). Coming back to the point that I have divided a simple thing into two parts why so because my writing happens in two ways…

1.I am the writer and for that I have chosen the name A journey into the unknown…
2.Existence is the writer and I am simply a medium….and hence the name…Journey Of the Unknown…

Now let me go in details for both the cases….

1.A Journey into the Unknown- As soon as I read that I have to pass the flaming torch which is passed on to me by Ms.Jenny. I inquired myself what writing is like to me…And hence I come up with this piece of writing…My most of the writing pieces are like this…A journey which begins with the title and I dive into the unknown thoughts of my mind and a journey starts which ends when I feel like ending it…( And yes I am feeling like ending this section no more worries for you guys!!)

2.A Journey of the unknown- Sometimes or I have to say rarely it happens that I don’t write myself still something takes the form of a poem without a blink in my consciousness…this is as Osho says Poetry dawns upon a poet he is not the creator of it rather it’s the existence which chooses him as a medium to sing its song in the form of a poem…

Yes that’s what it means to me right now and it can change the very next moment because this is how I am… A CONSTANT CHANGE…Thanks for your time that you managed to give my thoughts and thanks to JENNY who find me worthy enough to tag….
Now I will tag three people to write their views about what writing means to them and the three (four) are-

1.Namita Kalra- Impact Of thoughts ( You are thinking I am Insane but she never listens to me…I can only request her lol!)
2.Jyoti Mishra- Random Scribblings
      3.Sandhya Sharma- Main Aur Meri Kavitayein…
4.S.J Wist- Blog Of SJ Wist…

Looking forward to see your meme guys!!

The Sound Of Silence

I have heard the sound of silence
I heard everything
When you didn’t even utter a word
I could feel all the pain
That was given to you by me
When you didn’t even bother to complain
But today I accept-
I knew everything; I felt everything
Everything that you could not speak to me
I knew but I ignored,
You didn’t complain
I didn’t bother
Words left unspoken
Revolving around both of us
Yet none of us could dare to speak
Silence prevailed all around
I couldn’t hear you
But I could hear the silence
It spoke to me in times of distress
When you were away
It revealed to me all your hidden arguments
But damn me! I shuffled it off
And now-
When you are gone
The silence has engulfed me once again
It tortures me;
It argues with me
It holds me responsible for all what happened
But I haven’t changed yet,
Like an ignorant-I say to it even today-
It was your fault..
Yes it was yours…
You never complained;
Thats why I never listened
It was you who made me deaf!!

First Award For The Blog- Part 3

Hey guys now it's Time to give away awards as one has to complete the process...Generally i have a habit of seeing good things only even in the midst of not so good ones...so i like many blogs but an award means you are good at every aspect...so here is a list of my chosen ones...

1. Jyoti Mishra - Sensitive and heart touching poems...a must read...
2. Half Moon Serenade- A lover, A poet...do give a visit...
3. Ms. Sandhya Sharma- A housewife and still writing such beautiful poems, an inspiration for all...
4. Satyapal Sharma- A dear friend and a very hard working one... give it a look for all the technical purposes...

Will come up with more blogs in the near future...

First Award For The Blog- Part 2

Hello everyone!! I am Namita.. As Anmol already mentioned,I too contribute towards this blog.Actually he could not have done it alone... LOL!!
So here I would like to share some thing about myself..

1. Some believe it simply amusing and fun;Others call it silliness.. But I just love to live..love to be playful.. Thats what I am and Thats what I always want to remain..

2. I love to roam around with my friends,my family.. anyone!! everyone!!!

3. You might have understood that I have a very jolly nature yet at times I come out very seriously with the things..(but that is a rare case)

4. I have a phobia of being bored.Thats something I hate the most.Being bore is like being lifeless to me..

5. And.. And.. And Thats all!!!

First Award For The Blog!!

Now for the note attached, let's see here...

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Thanks to S.J Wist... for giving us our first blog award in the form of Irrestibly Sweet Blog Award it sounds good i have to admit...
Do give his blog a look, he writes fantasy book reviews....

Now something about me...

1. That this blog is a contribution of two persons one is me( anmol) and the other one is  Namita. So we will share these random points....

Something about me ( Anmol)...

1. I am...The answer is I don't know...i am looking for the answer of Who AM I ?
2. I am deeply in love with Osho.
3. I love to laugh without reason...or i make my own ways just to laugh them off....
4. I am not a writer not an engineer or better to say i am nothing..i am not attached with any of my occupations...
5. Always expect the unexpected from me or better to say never expect anything from me....I am beyond every prediction of yours....
Enough of me The 2nd part of the article will be written by ms. namita herself...till then good bye guys...

It Was Raining That Day

I heard a sound
First I thought that,
I left the tap open again
But then I realised,
Heaven has opened its gate
And clouds have come out
To shower it blessings on earth
In the form a divine liquid,
In the form of rain.

I woke up from my sleep,
Get in the balcony
And wao! I sighed,
What a beauty! I exclaimed.
I can see the mountains
But only as if my eyes
Were a wet lens
The rain has blurred the view
Only to make the scene
A more picturesque.

Then what follows makes the whole experience worth writing.

A girl from the neighbourhood
Came out of her house
Dressed in a yellow skirt
Holding a pink umbrella
She came outside in the rain.
Oh! For full 5 minutes
I tried to see her
But that umbrella was
As clouds to the sun.

Then after those mysterious 5 minutes
Shed decided to
Let the water touch her
And feel the sensation of her lovely body.

She put aside the umbrella
I got to see her finally
And I am sorry!
But I have no words to tell
She makes me speechless.

She was the sun
Which enlightened the
Whole universe of mine
And I am sure
Those drops on her body
Must now tastes like a wine..

Only One Chance

Sometimes you get only one chance,
One chance to put aside your pride and say,
“I was wrong “or “it was my fault”.
One chance to explain a misunderstanding that, if ignored, would sour a friendship.
One chance to hear, what other need to tell u.
One chance to defend a friend, when slighting remarks are made against him.
One chance to accept a shy, but sincere offer of friendship.
One chance to stand up and be counted when you don’t agree with the crowd.
One chance to say, “No”, when it’s important to say “No” but easier to say yes.
One chance to correct a wrong you have done.
One chance to choose the right one when you come to crossroads in your life.
One chance to stand up and face a hard situation, instead of running from it.
Sometimes you get only one chance.

“Intellect Today- Desire For Success or Fear Of Failure”

Well in today’s competetive world, where you have to take part in a race which never ends and also you are expected to come first each and everytime, it’s hard to imagine anyone who do not want to taste success.

But as you go deeper in the pshycology of men, you will find that what he thinks as his desire to be successful is actually the fear of failure. To understand it properly at first we need to know the proper definition of success. According to me, “ Success is the state of mind when you feel satisfied after doing a thing which you earlier think you can’t.” You must be thinking that this is not so. Yes it  is true that you want to succeed but when you inquire yourself you will find that the desire for success is just the outcome of your fear of failure. What you think should be success is actually the fear of failure only and nothing more than that.

Take the case of exams. In exams you try to grasp as much marks as possible and that’s what you call success probably. And you can say that if we only fear the failure then we will only try to get passing marks not more than that. But to understand it now you also need to define failure. Failure is probably what you get when you can’t defeat something or someone. Suppose a race in which you are alone. There is no question of win or lose, success or failure. So when you say that you are acquiring success, you are saying that you are overcoming failure. What I mean to say is when you work hard for getting higher percentage of marks it is not because you have the desire to success, it’s only because there is someone who is scoring more than you,and if you score below him then you consider yourself a failure.

So basically it’s the fear of the failure which drives the desire of your success. When you truly desire for success then success has a whole new meaning. Then it does not contain it’s opposite with it. Then it becomes a monopole where you can only win because what you are upto is a race in which you have to compete with yourself only. No failures, success then only means to walk through the unweary and green new paths which are free from any kind of fear.

I do not know if I am right or wrong but it’s just my point of view. It’s totally upto you to decide but you should think right from your heart, erasing all levels of your previous knowledge,then only you could come up to a conclusion that what you want is really success or it is just the fear of failure which is driving you crazy.

“My Vanished Friends”

Around the corner, I have a friend

In this great city, that has no end
Yet the days go by and the weeks rush on
And before I know, a year has gone.

And I never see my old friend’s face
In the days passed and coming days.
She knows I like her as well
As in the days, I rang her bell
And she rang mine.

We were younger then and
Now we’re tired humans
‘Tomorrow’ I said, “I will call her”
Just to show that I m missing her
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
And distances between us grows and grows.

This is what we deserve and what we get
Around the corner, a vanished friend
So, if you have a friend,
Be careful and be keen as otherwise
He will never be seen.
Reach them and tell, what they mean to you
Or your commitment will be too late for you…

Intellect Today- Desire For Success or Fear Of Failure

Study Without Desire

Human mind! It has been scratched hard to give mankind, the unbelievable wonders. It is reaped in a way to produce such marvelous results but what can be said for today’s intellect?
Hey that’s 95%! that’s 92%! Awesome! Great result guys!
When a child tops a class, everyone around him is happy. His teachers, his parents everyone! And think its great to have a child who brings glory to their name and the child becomes even happier being everyone’s apple of the eye.
But I need to ask just a single question from you- 95%!! Sounds great but what led you to it? Was it your ‘desire for success’ or simply ‘ fear of failure’ on whose footprints you followed to such heights?
There will be no exaggeration to say that what motivates or drives a student to produce some good results in academics is nothing but a fear of failure, a fear of being ignored if failed, a fear of losing dignity, a fear that pushes us to move forward and a fear that silently says, “Do it or else you’ll be gone, you will be a failure! Yes, a failure!” and the horrified student steps ahead.
I know, to a person getting good ranks in the academic world, it hurts a lot to hear their results being called just a fear but I can’t help speaking the truth. Also, I know how it feels when you see your name at the top, when you hear your name being cheered all around, your teachers patting on your back appreciating you, your colleagues congratulating you and the unforgettable moment happiness and excitement at the moment you have a big, big trophy in your hand with glowing eyes, the sense of pride of pride you feel in yourself, which makes you look high up, the immense power of speech you gain,the inbounding claps you hear from all the directions makes you feel as if you have done the impossible. Seems as if you have reached the top of the world and this feeling makes us even more forgetful about the ‘desire or fear’ query.
After this, have you ever held your trophy in your hands, stared hard at it and interrogated yourself, the same question of Desire Or Fear?
Never! I can undoubtedly say- Never! Never would have anyone of us done that and you know why? Because all of us believe- All’s well that ends well…. The momentary happiness overwhelms our power to think, to recall what we gained and how?
Anyone getting high ranks should not feel as if this has been written to make them feel down and anyone who has not been able to perform well should not feel as if they are being marginalized and paid no attention on. All this can be applied to anyone of you, in fact every one of you. Right from the beginning, we were taught to study for some reason. You may recall your parents saying, “ Come on my child! lets do it or else you will fail, your friends will be ahead of you and you know how it will feel when they will tease you, calling you their junior.” I don’t remember if my mom ever said, “ Beta(Son), study if you want to achieve something other than glory. Don’t just think of passing or failing a class. Education is itself a great word. Its much more than topping the class.” And if your parents did so, I would like to salute them. This is not about me, it is not also about you. Its about our notion regarding education, regarding intellect.

Some of you may ask why discuss this desire or fear when we are getting the________ output?
You know why I left this blank here? The answer to the above question lies in this blank. You will get it as soon as you fill it. The type of results we want, decides the way we choose to achieve them. Desired results comes from desire, it is as simplas that!
We all have forgotten, forgotten to desire and just do a thing only for the reason that it needs to be done.
Let us remind ourselves what to desire and how to desire, let us desire the position we want to achieve, let us desire the appreciation we want to have, and above all-
"Let us desire for success be greater than our fear of failure."

Beyond The Shadows..

"Beyond The Shadow Of Clouds"

Life is full of problems
And miseries
Pain and curse
Difficulties and loss
Everything you may pass by
Yet beyond the shadow of the clouds..
Lies the unending blue sky..

You may find yourself trapped
Many a times in a cage of hopelessness
Exhausted and frustrated
Inside the prison, you may lie
Yet beyond the shadow of the clouds
Lies the unending blue sky..

A crowd of people may surround you
But still alone, among them
You may be
When fun is low and loneliness is high..
Yet beyond the shadow of the clouds,
Lies the blue unending sky..

Still you may seek through
All the sufferings of yours..
And discover a new world
Within this one only..
For there are things to laugh about..
If there are things to cry..
Beyond the shadow of the clouds,
Lies the blue unending sky..