"Unspoken Promises"

I know that I
Promised to love you
With all I could
But to you
I failed in keeping it
I ask you
Was it an effortless try?

I know that you can
Get yourself easily away
From all memories of mine
You will be much happier there
But I ask
How can i?

I know you were
Never for me
And never will be mine
My heart still beats for you
I ask you
Coz I don’t know why?

I know I will lose you one day
No more queries
The same day I will die
But I promise
You will never hear a single cry…


  1. She will never understand....by the way very nice poem...

  2. oye hoye she will never understand??? namita ne likhi h waise poem to...so thanks from her side..

  3. okk...so replace "She" with "He"...lol


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