Ragging - A Moron's Play

Let me define ragging first. It means to make others respect you and do work for you in the name of help. 
now the important definition which i think - RAGGING is a psychological disorder or a proof of psychological disorder in you...
It obviously indicates that how much  non respectful we are to ourselves. We force someone to wish us good morning and then we think it as  respect being given and then we become happy thinking that someone is giving us respect. According to me the psychological phenomena working behind ragging is that we are living in a vast emptiness inside us and in order to fill that emptiness, we try to do everything possible....And things which seems to fill it  even for a moment, attracts us like hell....for example- respect,fame, alcohol, drugs, sex. 
But we are wrong, these things may give us some momentary feeling of completeness but don't think that they can have a everlasting effect. The only way to fulfill this emptiness i can suggest is MEDITATION OR LOVE...they are both complimentary so i have used  "only"....

P.S-    The reasons behind taking ragging might seem very appealing to you but always remember that " All that glitters is not gold."
It seems appealing because mind can easily form beautiful reasons for anything which it likes. Sometimes even drinking seems to be the most righteous thing to do as the mind says " No one loves you, your girlfriend ditched you, there is so much pain , forget about everything...and in order to forget DRINK." So logic seems to be right but the psychology is always about fulfilling that emptiness.

PPS- I have seen that even teachers support ragging in the name of teaching manners to your juniors and better bonding. Don't believe them. They are more or less in the same state of mind as you are. So kindly give it a thought and decide Is RAGGING a right thing to do????