First Award For The Blog- Part 2

Hello everyone!! I am Namita.. As Anmol already mentioned,I too contribute towards this blog.Actually he could not have done it alone... LOL!!
So here I would like to share some thing about myself..

1. Some believe it simply amusing and fun;Others call it silliness.. But I just love to to be playful.. Thats what I am and Thats what I always want to remain..

2. I love to roam around with my friends,my family.. anyone!! everyone!!!

3. You might have understood that I have a very jolly nature yet at times I come out very seriously with the things..(but that is a rare case)

4. I have a phobia of being bored.Thats something I hate the most.Being bore is like being lifeless to me..

5. And.. And.. And Thats all!!!

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