The Difference Between Plants And Animals

The Difference B/W Plants and Humans
By []Anmol Gupta

This is probably the first thing I came to know myself. Now I have come to experience death for 18 years of my life (make it 15 years because in the very first three years of your life are experiencing life).
Even it is not right to say life. I am now able to judge that I am in the womb of life right now or just entered. And life's pregnancy is not life of woman's. It may take years for me to be finally born. But I am certainly in the womb.
Cause I have started to witness. Right now I am writing this but witnessing so many things. The sound of vehicle going by, the chirping of birds, the children playing in front of the house I live in. But I am perfectly into the writing.
I have come to water plants but instead a thought strike me what's the difference b/w a plant & human I have been bound to divide the difference in two.

1. B/w plants & unenlightened people.

2. B/w plants & enlightened people.

1. The difference is very big. In fact almost infinite. You can see that in the division I have not used any distinction in plants. Because plants are always enlightened beings. But all humans are not. They are so stupid, entrapped in all the earthly matters, that they forget life, happiness, enjoyment.In fact they go on creating the mirage bigger & more bigger. They go on creating difficulties in the name of seeking happiness, life. But it isn't so.You are ignoring life just to get life afterwards.What sort of sacrifice is it?You are denying something so you can get it after some time. Sheer stupidity! Why don't get it or better to say grab it with both of yours hands. Why to wait? What to wait? Just go living it. Be aware just be watchful. Dance, go with the flow.

That's the difference b/w plants & animals. Plants are just witnessing. They provide no resistance to anyone. Because they are the soul. Their soul goes on witnessing the body.How the body moves in water, in air, in rain. They are witnessing & very much happy also. They are just themselves.Their silence is their very language. They are communicating through their silence. Also giving a message to a whole eternity, whole human beings just drop your ego & go with the flow. NO need to go against it. Why waste so much energy.

But human beings are so mindful. They can't dare or care to go beyond the mind. And mind can't understand silence. it can only be understood through heart, through soul.Now by plants I mean all the things or better to say being that doesn't create resistance these are stones also & by humans I means the whole animal entity.

While I am writing this I m just opposite to the garden of my house & suddenly a monkey comes & just shake a tree very harshly. New there is no need to do so but he is enjoying. That's what animals are & there are only two distinctions

1.  Animals

2. Enlightened human.

Man also falls in the category of animal. I have seen many people tearing the leaves just for no reason. Why to hurt someone for no reason at all. But this is so because animals have a tendency to use their power to enrich their ego. They go on tearing or destroying small things.Even they made such religions based on power in hindus, they offer flower to their good for nothing imaginary God.And you can also see that only The less powerful is going to be offered. There is also a ancient ritual of offering children or woman by killing them to Devi.
What needs to be seen is only children& woman are sacrificed Not men because they are powerful. Less powerful are dominated.So go on offering flowers. They actually destroy the beauty of a flower.It is beautiful when it is attached with a plant. But it serves no purpose for an unenlightened being still they don't care.
And hindu's are the most violent & hypocrites also. They love separating almost everything. Certain plants are even worshipped in India because of their medical qualities in themselves so one shouldn't expect them to see the qualities of any other plant. There is also a belief that the plants which grow themselves without nourishing or watering them are useless. They call it weeds, useless & go on uprooting them. If they are even human than they could see a certain quality in every plant that they give us oxygen,without trees we can't be.But this is the very human nature.

So, now come upon the differences b/w plant & enlightened human they both are fundamentally same but humans can grow in different directions. He can break his silence if needed plant can't. That's all, other than that there is no difference in my view.
By Anmol Gupta
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