How It feels To be in Hostel

“The Hostel Life”
Sometimes I woke up and don’t find the room where I used to live for almost my whole childhood. My mom, calling my name saying “wake up son” at least a dozen times before I actually listened to her. So I tried to jot down the emotions which I go through with the following words-

The dreams were just finished
My eyes struck back to consciousness
And my sleep was over
The sleep was lovely and deep
MY body was feeling rested.

I opened my eyes slowly
Expecting the similar area and the same bed
Where I have lived my childhood
But as soon as my conscious arise
I realized I was not in my home.

And all the happy and fresh mood
Turned into a sadistic one
Remembering the home of mine
Making an everlasting impression in my mind.

But as the consciousness gripped me in its arms
I can hear peoples talking aloud
I came to know, it was the room of my hostel.

Without any knock at the door
It opened and showed up
A friend saying, “Common you stupid, get up!”
You are late for class again.

I smiled at him
As I was happy to feel
The acquaintance of the place again
He said, “Fuck! You are smiling”
Get up you are late for class dude.

As I already started to feel good
I said, “Fuck you and your class, bastard!”
Go away from here or I will kill you
He said, “FO! And went away”

And I started thinking again
That the hostel is like a home now
Such lovely and helpful friends
Ready to make up for the loss of parents

I felt good now
And the mind says to the poet
Drama over stupid! You are late for the class
And life continued again.

 Do share your feelings you feel to be in the hostel.


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