World as I See it

When i look at your face
I see nothing but ambition
Then i analyze your life
And all i see is a Smile, hiding your tension
Your love seems moral to me
Bcoz you don't love me
You only seem to love your son 
And i know that i am not only that one.
Then i try to look at the whole world
And ofcourse the eyes haven't changed
I can see the same almost everywhere
Bcoz it has been preached all over by those who don't know
And its no hyperbole to say by those who dont even follow.
Then i look at my own self
The rotten ideas have no place
But then its the love for you and the lack of courage
Which is holding me from taking the jump.
Now there is no tomorrow
All dreams are vanished
But i am not yet in bliss
I think i am stuck somewhere in the past
And i don't know for how long its going to last.

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