The Unnoticed Face - I

The Unnoticed Face - I

By Anmol Gupta

It is a bar scene and three devils (Ram, Rahim And Jesus) are sitting on their sofas enjoying the sexy bar dancers and striptease of them. When suddenly one of the devils (Rahim) starts weeping and the other two were shocked that He was literally weeping... In great disbelief they asked him what happened (even they did not know him)... He replied, "The woman who is dancing naked in front of me must be a sister and a daughter to someone... how can I be so cruel to watch her and enjoy?? How can I?"

Ram said, "Take a chill pill dude! You are a terrorist man... what the hell are you talking?"

(Rahim was still weeping and to answer he stops himself and find the courage to speak.)

" I have heard that liquor is useful in forgetting the past... made you forget who you are and this time the same has happened to me... I have forgotten that I am a terrorist and suddenly when I am no longer a terrorist, I am a human.."

Now it was the turn of Jesus, still in the awe of the power of his devil persona he remarked, " Fuck off that human word..I am not used to it... Go wash your face... Fuck some girl here and then kill that bitch and you will be a terrorist again."

But one glimpse is enough to ignite the fire of Kindness and good heartedness... Rahim replied to that nasty comment of Jesus, " Brother! I know you have the same wounds as I have... nobody chooses to be a terrorist himself... and for the first time in life I want to discuss those wounds... "

Ram was in a state of conflict whether to do this or not... But Jesus have decided to do that... for the simple reason that Rahim called him brother... nobody has ever called him like a relative..and then the majority wins and the three decided to share their pasts...

RAHIM started first as he was the one who was inspiring the three of them... but Ram suggested that they should move away from this Hell and go to some quiet place... Jesus suggested the Church near them... Ram has the opinion to go to a temple... now if they go any of the two suggested places there will be a cold war... Sniffing the fight in the air Rahim said let us go near by the river... the temple, churches and mosques are all too much infected by the intellectual and so called civilised people... (speaking as if he has turned into a mystic suddenly...)

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