The Unnoticed Face - II

The Unnotice Face - II

By Anmol Gupta

Sitting near the bank of the river and in the sounds of water rahim get drowned in his past and a poem sprouts out his mind...
I was born a human;

Brought up by parents

Who knows nothing of violence

Such simple hearted and kind people

I would like to call them insane

To be such a human in this

Cruel form of time...
As I begin to realise that

How good they are

I heard that my parents were killed

In an on going war...
Still a rookie in this political world

I believed who said they are killed by

I still asked them what was their mistake

To which they said being a Muslim was their mistake...
I can't withstand my anger

Hold a gun and went in the war

That was the start and

I am still carrying on that spark...

Now it was Ram's turn and he started in the same way...
I was Born a human

But my parents believed I was born a Hindu

It was the time of war

When the Muslims torn the Hindus apart

In the state of a deeply conditioned mind

I made a decision well determined

That I will be a messiah for Hindus

And I will do all that is possible for me to do..

But the existence have other plans

In this insane world of the cruel time

I meet a group who was as insane as mine...
Which turned me into a devil instead of a messiah

But their conditioning was the same

And for doing this evil work of them

They nicknamed me Messiah...
Now Ram and Rahim both were in tears and they asked Jesus to follow and Jesus opened his eyes as if he was remembering what has happened to him and started saying... But he did not start in a poetic sense..he simply stated what he felt...

I don't know how am I born, for the simple reason that I was born an orphan but when I was 10 years of age the father of the church of the orphanage told me that My parents were Christian and they were killed by the Jews... Now the same father who taught me about Love, Truth and kindness... started to telling me about the misdeeds of Jews... and every now and then he make me remind that they killed my parents... I was only 10 and it had a great impact on my brain..eventually it become unbearable when I started having nightmares about A Jew killing my parents... I can only bear it for two months and then I ran out of the orphanage and killed the first Jew I got to see at the same night... he was a policeman and his name was engraved on his ID... In the blindness of my anger, I couldn't see that he was a police man and he appeared to me as the same person who kills my parents every night in my dreams... I caught him, took his gun by disguise and shoot him... I was caught and put in the jail for 20 years and after that there is no turning back..i have killed many Jews after coming back from jail...

By saying all this he can no longer control himself and started to cry loudly and the sound of running water was soon suppressed by the loud cries of the three...

And then a silence engrossed the environment and all three of them went into a deep introspection.

Ram said, " Can we again begin our lives as a human being?"

Jesus, "Have you gone mad? I can't leave this live after all it has given me all that I have... the power, the money, the fame in this underworld... I can not go back.."

Then again a silence, they all knew that what Jesus was saying is true and they can not get all this if they begin to live as human... After sometime Rahim started:

"Look! I admit that this terrorism has given us the power, the money, the fame but if these all things can buy us the contentment then we all should not have been sitting here and weeping and thinking about the mistakes we have committed in life... I know it's hard but we have to take a stand... "

Jesus interrupted mockingly, " And what can we do Mr. philosopher... "

Rahim shoot his words.. "SURRENDER"!

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