Opportunities Among Difficulties

Opportunities Among Difficulties

By Anmol Gupta
Why Do We Face Difficulties?

Someone has rightly said that "An optimistic is a one who sees infinite opportunities in every difficulty."

But seldom do we think like that, rather we go on cursing our own or the best discovery of man's guilty conscience 'GOD'. It is often said that gold has to pass through fire to achieve purity. But in case of humans, I do not believe that we have to achieve something, because there is nothing that we have to achieve. Everything is achieved already when we get the human form to live because only in the form of a human we can merge with the universe and become one with god. Then why is it that we have to face difficulties? Is it purely coincident that we have to face difficulties? Or they are the result of our own karma? Or why is that we can not extract out the reason, why we are facing the problem?

The Answer-

According to me there are two kinds of experiences in this world. One is physical and the other one is metaphysical. Physical is only related to our body where we can sense things through our body senses or organs. But the metaphysical one deals with what is beyond the body. The physical experiences are easy to experience and there is no need of any special thing for them. But to experience the metaphysical, you have to have something special which takes you beyond the body, like a clean conscience. So to have that something special in you, what needs to be done? The answer is you have to face difficulties because everyone has a set of values which he follows. And not many values remain in you when you are in a big trouble.

Difficulties provide you a better understanding of useful values and useless values (only to be experienced once). There is a simple formula- The values which remain with you throughout the difficult situation and even after the problem ends, then it is a true value which you really care about and it will be useful for you in terms of metaphysical experiences. And remember that as everyone has different kinds of values, we have to face different kinds of problems. The problems are just for the development of our consciousness and hence we must face the difficulties and try to solve it. That is we should see the infinite opportunities hidden in every problem that we have to encounter. And help our consciousness to evolve.

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