How To Enter The Golden Gates Of IIT

How to Enter the Golden Gates of IIT

By Anmol Gupta
3 Methods To Enter The Golden Gates of IIT

The 3 methods are following which consists of some more parts -

1. Preparation- It is further divided in 4 parts.

a) TM

b) Regularity

c) Focus

d) Practice

2. Guidance- It is divided in two parts.

a) Faculty

b) Seniors

3. Toughness- It is also divided in two parts.

a) Mental

b) Physical

IITJEE, considered the toughest undergraduate level entrance exam needs some special and planned preparation. As the competition is getting tougher exponentially every year, the amount and quality of preparation also needs to be in check.

Now I will elaborate the above mention methods.

1. Preparation - It is the first and foremost key to the gate which lets you into the most prestigious institutes of India for B-tech.

4 ways of preparation-

1. TM - It stands for time management. It's a very personal phenomenon and depends on individual.

You need not to have a time table in which you decide on what hours you read what. Instead of making it like 4pm-6pm - physics, 6pm-8pm- Chemistry, make it look like 4pm-6pm study then break for 10 minutes and then study.

Give breaks after 1 hour as it is refreshing for the mind. Plus you can use this break in interesting works like spending these 10 minutes with your family or doing meditation or listening to music or even cleaning your study table or your room etc. This break will do wonders if you are studying away from your home. You can use this time to talk to your parents also which will provide you a sense of relief and you can concentrate better than even before.

24 hours in a day are sufficient enough if we use them efficiently. The time we waste in useless thoughts is the time we can transfer in remembrance of chemistry's reactions or math's formulae or physic's definitions.

2. Regularity - You should follow your classes, tests and most important your time table at regular basis. You should not loosen up in your regularity as it cause you inconsistency and you will forget what you had been taught or what you had learned.

3. Focus- It is often advised not to meet your relatives, don't attend any parties, don't meet friends and all that stuff. These advices are given just because your focus on the preparation must not disintegrate at any cost. It will affect the 2nd factor regularity and you are at a loss.

But let me give you an advice so that you can attend some functions, relatives, friends and yet not lose your focus at all.

Make a diary and write your goal on it with all the related and relevant information and inspiration such as pasting the pictures of your idols in that dairy.

And make sure that you read that diary at the beginning of your each day. This will sure help immensely in setting your focus.

4. Practice- As the JEE syllabus is heading more and more towards the CBSE syllabus every year, practice now counts more than anything like talent, cleverness or intelligence.

Now the second method-

2. Guidance- As Anatole france said- Education is one tenth encouragement. Talent can't often gets to it's destination due to lack of guidance. A counselor is a must in your preparation for the Einstein needed examination. And a coaching institute often works as a counselor. For this purpose you should select your coaching institute with the following things in your mind-

a) The management staff of the institute.

b) The experience of faculty.

c) The success rate of the coaching i.e. how many students are selected out of total students.

d) Always talk to the previous students of the coaching institute you are planning to join.

And after selecting a particular coaching institute you should select a teacher you can share anything with him/her.

A teacher can be chosen on the following accounts-

1. The teacher must be experienced.

2. He/she must be interactive or frank.

3. Must inspire you to study in b/w class.

4. And make him/her self available whenever you need him/her.

5. He should make you think.

Remember- "A teacher is the one who ends his needs progressively."

Now the third and last method.

3. Toughness- When you are all set for the high time where all your hard work is going to pay off, more often than not students find themselves in a big mess.

They suffer from depression and that leads to physical disease too.

You should have two kinds of toughness in yourself before going into the mouth of a lion.

1. Mental- For mental toughness you can do yoga and meditation. Try to be as calm as possible. Be indifferent to situations. Just analyze them.

Suppose you score less in a test, then analyze the situation, don't get demoralized and find your mistakes and make sure you don't commit them again. Ask for the guidance of the selected teacher.

Conduct test for yourself at home with proper time limits. Be tough mentally to get the best possible results of your efforts.

2. Physical- "health is wealth" Without being fit physically you can't be fit mentally also.

A proper half an hour exercise must be included in your time table if you want no gaps in your studies due to some stupid fever or other small diseases.

So best of luck for your preparation, hope you will get some benefit in the way of achieving your dream of being an iit-ian.

BY: Anmol Gupta
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