Being SubmiSsive to Her,
Is DIs luv or just INsanity of m99..

we decided to walk together
on the path of life.

but now,m alone & can only find a dark reflection of urs..
The flowers which we hve thread up in d garlend of life.

the tym,which we hve nurtured with our luv.
now can only find,the essence of sweet memories of tht tym.

this is my elegy for luv.
now we hve lost tht trust..

thts y,being submissive to her,
m asking..was tht luv..??

Or jus Insanity of mine...???


  1. Well in my point of view it should be love....because only love have the power to destroy your ego and that's why u feel submissive to her...

  2. Fr me that wz luv....but acc. to her that wz insanity

  3. dnt wry she will understand it one day...jst dnt lose her as a frnd...

  4. Abhi,

    Every dusk has a dawn,Hope for the better to come...


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