“Generation Us”

Tuesday, a day like any other usual working day and on the breakfast table, the same usual lecture of “ Early to bed and early to rise” when suddenly I spoke up, “ So what? All of us do that.”
The same moment, one thing stroke my mind hard, how easily I called my generation as ‘us’. The only people understanding me is my generation. How easily I belong to them and they to me? They don’t have queries but simply ideas.
We have large wings to fly off as a free bird. One word which keeps us away from that is ‘why’? When I asked to be a movie distributor rather than an engineer, my parents asked me, ‘why’, when I decided to do some part-time job, my warden asked me ‘why’ when I asked for a picnic, my family asks me ‘why’ and its really hard to answer them.
They think we are just aimless creatures with no hopes and ideals. We are worthless robots who only know roaming, chatting and if not so, attending call centers.
True, we are the generation of call centers but we are also the people who turn down jobs abroad to work in India. We are also the people with gandhian values and rendering our duty well whenever called to do so.
So, are we the improved version of our forefathers or simply the deteriotating values?
I leave it on you….
Afterall some questions are best left unanswered….


  1. I'ld say it's both. We've improved in many ways over the previous generations, but we have also lost our values in doing so. It's hard to keep the balance.

  2. Well i am not in favor of any kind of comparisons because when you take each point in view, you find that both the sides are in equal positions....so for me comparisons don't really work...

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  4. Hey thanks krishna but i am having some kind of a network prob will sure follow ur blog in sometime...

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