Came into the world, and cried a lot,
In the mothers lap, the divine I sought.
I cried and wept, the whole day long
Sleep dawned on me at my mother’s song.
I played a lot, my innoncence at it’s best.
Parents behind me and no time to rest.
Subjects increased, my smile decreased
‘One day, I’ll become a big man’ I believed.
I strived hard, to be the best,
I fought, I competed to leave the rest.
The innocence now, is completely lost,
So called ‘Intelligence’, is only what I gave got.
I wanted this and I wanted that
I ruined my present, to keep future intact.
My life was driven by insatiable greed,
But money couldn’t buy everything I need.
Bank balance is high, life balance is low.
A millionaire so fast but a human so slow.
Didn’t care for family, didn’t care for friends
I stand here alone with nothing I could amend.
I loved my friends, but was too busy to express,
I ignored them with a ‘NO’, when I could have said ‘YES’
I had just one life but I died in between,
Hope in the next birth, I could make a more beautiful scene.


  1. life is a wonderful journey
    sometime happy, sometime sad...
    happiness and sadness all is in our hand..
    our own choice to choose
    what we wanted to become

  2. i agree...we dnt hve d pwr to control but have the power to choose...


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