Grow Up Once Again

I want to feel the
Joyful burden of my school bag,
I want to bear once more,
My own school name tag.
Probably, it’s the last time,
When I’m in school dress of mine
After that,
I’ll not be seen in this narrow lane
Still I wish
“If I could grow up once again?”

Here I put my school shoes apart,
Forever from them,
I am going to depart
I m giving it, a very last look
My lovely files and my lovely notebook.
My chair, my classroom
My stupid game, still I wish-
“if I could grow up once again?”

Giving the school, my last glance
And it’s the only chance
That I’m here amongst you
With my forever friends crew
It’s now that I’ll have to leave
And I firmly believe,
I’ll not be able to put away my pain,
How deadly I wish-
“if I could grow up once again?”

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  1. I thought it too many a times but everytime i realised that if my childhood hadn't be like it was then i will not be able to realise many things...And i firmly believe that what happens to you happens for the i decided not to write...


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