Intellect Today - Desire for Success or Fear of Failure

Intellect Today - Desire for Success or Fear of Failure
By Anmol Gupta
Well in today's competitive world, where you have to take part in a race which never ends and also you are expected to come first each and every time, it's hard to imagine anyone who do not want to taste success.

But as you go deeper in the psychology of men, you will find that what he thinks as his desire to be successful is actually the fear of failure. To understand it properly at first we need to know the proper definition of success. According to me, " Success is the state of mind when you feel satisfied after doing a thing which you earlier think you can't." You must be thinking that this is not so. Yes it is true that you want to succeed but when you inquire yourself you will find that the desire for success is just the outcome of your fear of failure. What you think should be success is actually the fear of failure only and nothing more than that.

Take the case of exams. In exams you try to grasp as much marks as possible and that's what you call success probably. And you can say that the if we only fear the failure then we will only try to get passing marks not more than that. But to understand it now you also need to define failure. Failure is probably what you get when you can't defeat something or someone. Suppose a race in which you are alone. There is no question of win or lose, success or failure. So when you say that you are acquiring success, you are saying that you are overcoming failure. What I mean to say is when you work hard for getting higher percentage of marks it is not because you have the desire to success, it's only because there is someone who is scoring more than you,and if you score below him then you consider yourself a failure.

So basically it's the fear of the failure which drives the desire of your success. When you truly desire for success then success has a whole new meaning. Then it does not contain it's opposite with it. Then it becomes a monopole where you can only win because what you are up to is a race in which you have to compete with yourself only. No failures, success then only means to walk through the unweary and green new paths which are free from any kind of fear.

I do not know if I am right or wrong but it's just my point of view. It's totally up to you to decide but you should think right from your heart, erasing all levels of your previous knowledge,then only you could come up to a conclusion that what you wants is really success or it is just the fear of failure which is driving you crazy.

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