It Was Raining That Day

I heard a sound
First I thought that,
I left the tap open again
But then I realised,
Heaven has opened its gate
And clouds have come out
To shower it blessings on earth
In the form a divine liquid,
In the form of rain.

I woke up from my sleep,
Get in the balcony
And wao! I sighed,
What a beauty! I exclaimed.
I can see the mountains
But only as if my eyes
Were a wet lens
The rain has blurred the view
Only to make the scene
A more picturesque.

Then what follows makes the whole experience worth writing.

A girl from the neighbourhood
Came out of her house
Dressed in a yellow skirt
Holding a pink umbrella
She came outside in the rain.
Oh! For full 5 minutes
I tried to see her
But that umbrella was
As clouds to the sun.

Then after those mysterious 5 minutes
Shed decided to
Let the water touch her
And feel the sensation of her lovely body.

She put aside the umbrella
I got to see her finally
And I am sorry!
But I have no words to tell
She makes me speechless.

She was the sun
Which enlightened the
Whole universe of mine
And I am sure
Those drops on her body
Must now tastes like a wine..


  1. wow... this was so beautiful.
    whole rainy description and post-rain stuff....
    nice !!

  2. thanks jyoti....i liked your poems too....

  3. I chose your blog for an award. Come check it out =)


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