Only One Chance

Sometimes you get only one chance,
One chance to put aside your pride and say,
“I was wrong “or “it was my fault”.
One chance to explain a misunderstanding that, if ignored, would sour a friendship.
One chance to hear, what other need to tell u.
One chance to defend a friend, when slighting remarks are made against him.
One chance to accept a shy, but sincere offer of friendship.
One chance to stand up and be counted when you don’t agree with the crowd.
One chance to say, “No”, when it’s important to say “No” but easier to say yes.
One chance to correct a wrong you have done.
One chance to choose the right one when you come to crossroads in your life.
One chance to stand up and face a hard situation, instead of running from it.
Sometimes you get only one chance.


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