The Dependent Independence

First of all, a very happy independence day to all the Indians. Hoping that this time you all make sure that the responsibility each and every one of us have is bigger than hosting a tri-colour flag and singing a national anthem. In this poem I tried to expose the hypocrites who are responsible for ruining the country.

Contrary it sounds
And that’s how
It explains all our wounds
Freedom has lost all it’s meaning
And this is my only feeling.

Whenever thoughts cloud my mind
I look for the positive ones
As searching for diamonds in a coal mine
But this country has lost all its glow
And even the Ganges have stopped to flow.

The democracy allows only a limited freedom
Some owns a palace,others can’t even afford a slum
If anyone can win,he must be a politician
And laws are like the aftermaths,
When humanity undergoes cremation.

The situation is worse
More terrifying than it can ever sound
Because no dictionary contains the words
For the cruelty being displayed
For converting rupee to dollars and dollars to pound.

And I assure you
Now is the only time to hope
Coz now the scenario can’t get worse
And if we can believe in ourselves
Then this democratic looking dictatorship
Will sure going to an end. 


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