Love In Me

I thought it was just a mirage of mind
An illusion,it's fake,impossible to find
But the day I met you,I began to see
that love is real and exists in me..

I still remember the day
When existence planned a world so special for you and me
A bond so true that no one else can see
I knew nothing of love
But was sure-someone has come
When I had nothing to do,still I was busy
To make me realise
That love is real and exists in me

You cast my fears to the bed of the ocean
You carried my hopes to the end of the earth
As you build up my faith,mountain high
You deeply warm my heart with a wondrous smile
I longed for the winds of your love
To guide me back to the shore in this lonely sea
Yes I know now
That love is real and it exists in me...


  1. very well thought and executed...emotions pouring out...and according to me your best one till date...

  2. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  3. For my sake..will you please explain what you have tried to convey?


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