I am: The Second Sex


Although born through a women
Even she doesn’t feel my pain
Not that she can’t understand it
But all her efforts went in vain.

What to complain of a man
Who dominates through violence
Yet I sympathies with them
They don’t have the privilege
Even to create themselves.

Yes everybody loves me
But only as an object of desire
As they saw me as an individual
They have to explode fire.

My freedom is their sorrow
What if I fly tomorrow
And you won’t find me caged to borrow
So they cut the wings of the sparrow.

I am not allowed to do certain things
Whether I laugh or I weep
All they can think is only prestige
Their head can be very large
Yet their heart remains the size of a pea

I am lost, I am tired
But still I am alive
Among your various desires
My struggle has just begin
You have to find some method
So that this time you can win.