How To Qualify For HAHD

               "How To Qualify for HAHD 6"
Ezine artciles is a website that not only gives a chance to share your thoughts in the form of artciles and poems but also it offers some unique help to it's authors. The Hundred Article In Hundred Days marathon challenge or HAHD as they like to call it, is a very unique source of motivation for authors like us to produce some high quality and original ideas.
For signing up, i needed a lot of courage and only today i can muster up the courage to sign-up for the challenge. So as i have signed up already, the first article i am writing is about how to manage to qualify for the challenge.
The Problems You will Face:-
1. To write HUNDRED articles. The number is enough for you to think that it is very difficult. There are many authors who do not even have total 100 articles in their kitty!!
2.  In Addition to the number you have the horrible time limit also which again says HUNDRED days.  Writing hundres articles is very difficult and writing them in 100 days, now you can say easily it's almost impossible.
3. Many of us can write articles and can write 100 articles in hundred days too, but the next problem is Ezineartciles itself!!
Wondering How? Let me clear it. The website's tagline itself says high quality and original articles. You can not copy, can not even re-submit your thoughts and no mistakes are allowed to be done.
So the main problem is the third one " How to Write High Quality And Original Hundred Articles In Hundred Days?"

Now, you can  think that if there can even be a solution or not? Well, enough of haunting work has been done by me....It's time for the solutions now.
"What Can Be The Solutions?"
1. Be Positive:- Being optimistic in any situation mean half a work is done already. As reamrked by Willie Nelson (The famous singer), "Once you replace negative thoughts with the positive ones, you'll start having positive results."

2. Be in present- The best thing about HAHD is, although it says hundred articles in hundred days, you can interpret it as one article each day. So as said by everyone that the only way to success is being in present, is applicable here too!! Do not think about the next day, just think about an article a day and you will be able to write one each day.

3. Observe-  The best tool for a author to create original and quality work is his own insight. And your own thinking only develops when you observe things as they are. Once you start observing you will develop your own interpretations about anything and you will be able to convert your thinking into an article. And it will be original too.

Hope that this article will be helpful for you guys in order to qualify for the HAHD and let me know if you have any suggestions also.

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