Gone Are The Days

Gone Are The Days
Now I am here,when the school has gone
And we have started with a new sun’s dawn
I looked back which remind me of my past
Not clearly visible,
Yet something sensible.

I could see my lovely school
In the morning fresh and cool
‘We’ ,the friends are there
Fun and frolic everywhere
Look in the classroom
All of us sitting and chatting
In front of a teacher,all regretting
Enjoying the moments altogether
What one says, we didn’t bother
We were innocent and lovely then
With me, always asking for a pen.

I could hear all our shout
That’s what school was all about.
But gone are the days…

It’s now when all has ended
All my friends have descended
Busy shaping their future ,
All are tired worthy creature.
And so I am,
Looking forward for something new ..
Full of reminances of my friend’s crew.

I just regret..
I couldn’t tell what I could see ..
How I belong to them and they to me.. .
I could never tell ..
What position in my life ,
Hold, my friends!
Without whom,life appears to end.
I never felt,what they cost ..
And now,when I have lost
Damn me and damn them !!
I am a loser!! as
I have lost them….

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