How To Plan 4 Success In The Very Beginning Of The Session

(HOD English SJB Mathura)
1. Success as a relative term.
2. Love, not competition to be base of Education.
3. No alternative of hard work.
4. Future is now- No Wastage of Time.
5. Proper Time Management.
6. Habit of sitting with patience.
7. Meditation for controlling mind.
8. Non-stop fighting with laziness & Attraction.
9. Small Unit & Formation of Question Bank.
10. Reading and Writing Record Every Week.
“Success is a relative term;
There is nothing absolute about it.”
What we think of as success today might be thought as failure in another time and situation and vice versa. It would be in our best interest to view both what we call success and failure as relative states and so we should treat both success and failure with equanimity. Success means whatever is achievable has been achieved. We get what we have longed for .Success is a relative term .we relate ourselves with others. We compare our achievements with those of others. “Less than” is failure “more than” is success. This is what we regard as failure or success. The pursuit of success is the desire for more.
Compare yourself with none but with you yourself. See your knowing. Your knowing must increase with the classes you pass. Study the following diagram.

Comparatively one is more or less in his achievements than others.
Unfortunately competition is at the center of our education system. Competition is dependent on comparison. What I have got is compared with what I could not get. Competition gives birth to frustration, anxiety, worry, enmity, anger and tension. Competition confines us up to ourselves only. Competition never means to preserve what we already possess. It means always going ahead. In competition one selects one of the following two ways-
(1).to sketch a line larger than other for going ahead (Healthy Competition).
(2). Or to cut short others’ line in order to let our line remain larger since we can not make it larger by our own efforts (Unhealthy Competition)
Love should be at the centre of education. Competition being at the center of education a student forgets almost more than 50% immediately after the paper.

For the sake of real success we should love what we do.
Proper planning and strategy is must for success. How to plane for success or to get our target fulfilled -first and for most thing is to be acquainted with what the content or subject matter is. Syllabus should be divided into small units. In case the syllabus is not divided, its vastness frightens in the very beginning. We should be pin pointed to the small unit. We should make our own question bank of the small unit. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ should be kept in mind and followed sincerely. A learner should prepare the unit in such a way that what he prepares may be less in quantity but must be very solid and unchallengeable.
A learner must feel that each minute has sixty second. How one is utilizing his each second is important thing. One can be said to be serious for one’s goal if one doesn’t let even a single second go waste.
A goal - oriented student should honestly follow the following formula:
1. NONSENSE (Speaking, Thinking, Doing)
There are many slips between cup and lip
There always stands powerful impediment before the target. Target is duty - bound. The more dutiful we are for the target the more likely we are to achieve the target. There is a tug of war between duty on the one hand and attraction and laziness on the other. Some times we are attracted towards laziness, some times towards ego, some times towards negative thinking, some times towards anger. One has to be free from the obstacles. A student’s firm determination and resolution can help him fight the hurdles standing before him.
One should have definite aim in his life as aimless life leads nowhere. He should be ready for a war against his obstacles right from getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening. He should awake in the morning and drink as much water as he can drink. Then he must leave the comforts of sitting in the cozy seat. Seating on the stool should be preferred while studying in the morning time. If he feels dozing, he should stand up to brush his teeth. Then he should continue his study on the stool. In the pursuit war against laziness in the morning time he should take immediate bath if he still feels dozing. For proper concentration a student must undergo in the process meditation for at least an hour daily.
We have sense organs-eyes, ears etc. All sense organs have different food stuff. For example eyes need beautiful sight, ears need melodious song and so on. We should supply them the respective food stuff-neither in less quantity nor in large quantity but AS PER REQUIREMENT. Sound sleep plays an important role in everybody’s life.
Here are a couple of quick tips for sound sleep.
“First, never forget that it is the quality and not the quantity of sleep is
important. It is better to have six hours of uninterrupted deep sleep than even ten hours of disturbed sleep. The whole idea is to provide your body with rest so that its natural processes can repair and restore your physical dimension to its natural state of health, a state that is diminished through the stresses and struggles of daily use”.
Time plays a crucial role in a student’s life. Every student should know the art of Time Management. Time Management of three hours in the examination hall is very necessary for a student. If a student manages his time properly and follows it honestly and sincerely, he will pass the time as per his choice. By managing the time, time is enslaved. If it is not managed a student is enslaved by time.
A student in the exam hall (for board exam) has 180 minutes. If he is able to complete the work within 170 minutes and spares 10 minutes for revision, he deserves to obtain very good marks if no mistake is committed. He should have a clear cut strategy in the mind about for which question he should give how many minutes so as to complete the work within stipulated time. What ever a student knows is not important. How well he does in the paper is important. For this he should do the practice of writing. A student should have a written record of his reading and writing capacity. How many words can he read silently within one minute? If he reads less than 100 words within one minute, he is rather weak. He should do practice of reading more words within one minute. He should check his reading and writing record every week. Reading and understanding should go together. Otherwise there is no use of reading. Reading for the sake of reading serves no purpose.
A student studies four or five main subjects. The weight age of all subjects is equal. He should make weekly planning for the study of all subjects. First of all the most boring subject should be studied. It must be left immediately before reaching the boring point. Boring point differs from subject to subject, topic to topic and student to student. After leaving to study the boring subject before reaching its boring point, most interesting subject should be studied. Study the following

In the above chart of a particular student, mathematics can be studied up to 200 minutes continuously. But Computer Science can not be studied up to more than 50 minutes.
If boring point is ignored it will create laziness which will lead to sleep ultimately. A student should make a proper sitting. It means how long one can sit in a particular seat and posture with patience. As a student can easily sit in a particular seat and posture at the examination hall for
three hours, in the same way he should have the habit of sitting in his study room for study. But it does not happen generally.
Practice makes a man perfect.
A student should practice for a right sitting posture during his study time. He should practice up to the time it forms in to a habit. Ideal habit once formed helps in the long run. Old habits die hard.
Mr. Vipin Sharma, an English teacher in Shriji Baba Vidyalaya Mathura generally says; either be an ass (which bears load on its back) at an early age of your life i.e. student-life or you will have to be an ass in the life to come. He means to say if a student works hard right now like an ass, he will enjoy cozy or comfortable life in future. When would you like to be an ass in your early age during student-life or in your old age? Choice is yours. Being an ass in old age will multiply the problems which are inevitable
O dear students, you are the maker of your own destiny. You can be what you want to be. Live in the present and don’t let your present go waste. This is the right time for you to study. Time and tide wait for none. If you think you can, you certainly can because WHERE THERE IS WILL THERE IS A WAY AND ONE WHO TRIES NEVER FAILS
Shriji Baba Sr. Sec. School, Mathura

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