The String Theory

By Anmol Gupta

Human nature is curious by default. He not only wants to know the law behind a fact but also wants to make suitable changes in it for his own convenience.

In order to simplify nature many theories had been already given for ex- The theory of atoms, The theory of relativity, The grand unified theory, The theory of everything, The string theory and many more.

The one that attracts me is the string theory. According to this theory the fundamental unit of all the substances is a mass less, extensible string. This theory is based on the extension and contraction of the string with the suitable changes in the energy.

This theory attracts because of its power to explain the yet unexplainable facts. The first thing it can explain is the soul which is not yet accepted by science. But through this theory we can have a greater understanding of soul.

Suppose the soul to be a string having certain energy. It can expand or contract according to the changes in the frequency (related to energy by E=hν). And it is a well known fact that our thoughts are like waves which travel through the mind and have certain frequencies. With the positive thoughts (meaning higher frequency) the energy of the soul increases and hence it expands and so our spirituality. Similarly if negative thoughts such as greed, lust, anger etc. pass through our mind then they will contract the soul decreasing our spirituality.

Also remember that string is a fundamental unit i.e. it can neither be created nor destroyed and so is the soul. There is no limit on the elasticity of the string so there is never a delay in the start of your spiritual journey (the awareness that you are not the body but you are the soul). Hence, you can start your spiritual journey anytime and reach a level by which your string(soul) can match the frequency of God and ultimately you can be in the resonance with God's energy and merge in the supreme soul.

The second thing which can be explained by this theory is the healing through faith. On the basis of this fact many of false masters claim to heal through magic but actually it is through the faith that the patient gets better. As I said that take soul as string. Faith gives you positive vibrations means higher frequencies means higher energy which in turn extend the string and gives us more healing power.

So on these bases I have said that string theory attracts me the most. At the end I would like to ask a question to so called 'Dharmatmas' that how science and spirituality are two different things.

In my view these are the two sides of the same coin (God).

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