Violence-Act of Separation

By Anmol Gupta

Some gurus have said that violence is nothing but the act of separating yourself from others because we can't get violent with ourselves. It is only possible when we think that we are superior or inferior from others. Or in other words if we separate our existence from others, then we are bound to be violent.

In my view violence does not mean to hurt someone physically rather it is to hurt someone sentimentally, emotionally because by attacking someone physically you ultimately hurts his ego making him inferior to you in terms of power. And through ego his sentiments hurt and it become an act of violence.

If you abuse someone or take it as if someone abuses you whom you don't know then you will sure get angry and try to repay him by verbally or even physically abusing him. This is violence.

But if your friend abuses you, you say nothing, don't even mind because your sentiments are nor hurt by this. So basically abusing someone is not an act of violence but hurting someone's emotions is an act of violence.

I was born as a Hindu so knows a little bit about Hindu scriptures and respect them as the beliefs which are given there are very scientific. But across the years these messages, given in the form of stories are so much misinterpreted that the very religion has turned out to be violent.

Well if someone read this article and he is a Hindu then it will definitely raises his eyebrows plus if this article is written by any famous author and is published on this site than many people across the whole country come together and punish the writer somehow. There are several groups in politics today like shivshena and rss which gathers people and protests unnecessarily. Is this not an act of violence while they are trying to prove themselves non-violent? If they are really non-violent then they should forgive the writer instead.

They start protesting without even reading the article just after reading or hearing the much publicized line given in some newspaper or T.V channel that this person said that Hindus are violent. And they call them non-violent even after protesting. What a shame!

I will give you another example to prove my point. In the pooja that we do all the rituals are done by right hand not by left hand because it is considered as 'Ashubh'. I just want to ask how can you differentiate the hands of a same person? On what basis?

It is an act of violence. A great act of violence indeed because you are separating your own hands.

This is why I said that Hindua religion has turned violent as time has shaped itself.

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