My sweetest Poem

                                           “My Sweet Poem”
A sweet poem by a sweet person to the sweetest person in a sweet night with a sweet reason.
We live together –
In the sweet memory of the moments when we are together.    
In the sweet love that spread all over the world all around us.
In the sweet taste of your rose like lips.
In the sweet sparkling of your diamond like eyes.
In the sweet breeze that lost itself somewhere in the midst of your hair.
In the sweet sound of the ripples that form when we dive into the ‘ocean of love’.
In the sweet smile of yours that can bring mountain to your feet.
In the sweet light of moon that passes through both of us with the same love.
In the sweet touch of yours which compels to forget the entire world.
In the sweet feel of yours that awakens all the emotions within us.
In the sweet voice of yours that fill the ears with the divine sound.
In the sweet darkness where the light refuses to turn on.
And in sweet world that seems to be created only for us by God.



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