Our College Strike

“Our College Strike”
In India, there are several instances where you can find issues with the government, although chosen by its own citizen this country and its hard earned money has always been exploited by the politicians. The proposal of opening an NIT in Sumari Uttarakhand (Sumari- A remote place in the up hills) is also a political decision as the chief minister will be standing in the upcoming elections.
Sumari being a remote place does not have any kind of facilities and moreover there is no proper road to transport building material there. In addition, it is a habitat to many wild animals and the government is not getting Forest clearance by the Forest department. But as you all know that the vote bank of a leader should not suffer at any cost. SO the NIT is opened in the nearest metro place of mountains-Srinagar. Pay attention it is a metro place for the mountain area only where you can fulfill only your daily needs not the requirements of an engineering college especially when the national reputation is at stake.
Being students selected by the AIEEE exam we do not have much choice in our kitty. The brand name of NIT is good enough a reason for us to select it as our engineering college without even knowing the ground realities. We enthusiastically came here although we know that there is no permanent campus only a temporary one. But at that time we were pretty sure that within the time limits of one semester our requirements will be fulfilled. So we go for the usual system giving our demands on paper and everything was done through THE PROPER CHANNEL( as the Administration call it.)
First semester gone past within no time as we first have to be familiar with a new place and have to cure our home sickness. And our demands were never fulfilled. At the end of the semester we have been promised that every thing will be upto the mark when you come again and the system will run two months ahead of you.
Entering the college even after an extended vacation we were surprised and amazed at the present condition. There is no improvement and the newly appointed teachers were more disappointing than satisfying. Then there is no option left for us. Either we have to change according to the system or WE HAVE TO CHANGE IT. Having seen the current state of our country we decided that we have to change the system because it is not the question of 60 odd engineering students but actually it is about all the students who are suffering the unfulfilled promises. And we decided to go for a strike.
Going for the strike was never easy as every student has to take his stand. And the indisciplinary action is bound to happen but we are not worried about ourselves, we are worried about the pathetic condition of our system in which everyone blames it and still refuses to be a part of it.

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  1. Guys do share your comments on what you think can be the reasons of strike in a college?


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